Racist LA Woman Threatens to Call ICE on Breastfeeding Mother, Gets Checked by Onlooker [VIDEO]

The woman threatened to call ICE on a mother who was asking for money to feed her daughter in Los Angeles, California.

A video of a white woman threatening to call ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) on a Brazilian woman and her child before being confronted by an observer is being widely circulated on social media. Although the clip was shared two years ago, it has gone viral again on the internet given the recent popularity of "Karen videos that are doing the rounds.

The video was shared by user Maria J. Navarro on Facebook, along with a caption stating that she witnessed the incident in downtown Los Angeles. "Shame on this woman! Who is she? Make this go viral! Find this racist piece of shit!!!," she wrote.

'She's From Brazil'

Woman threatens to call ICE
A still from the video that was shared on social media. Facebook

The clip starts off with Navarro filming the woman as she calls her out for her racist behavior. "Here's a white woman about to call ICE on this poor mother asking for money for her daughter, to feed her daughter," she can be heard saying to the woman.

"She's from Brazil. She's not from here," the woman tells Navarro."I don't care where she's from," she snaps back before adding, "Mind your own business. It's none of your business what she's doing."

"It is my business," the woman retorts. Navarro then reiterates into the camera that the white woman is about to call ICE on the mother who she noted was breastfeeding her baby and begging for money on the street to feed her child.

The white woman can then be seen pointing her camera at the mother and daughter in an attempt to take a picture. "Go ahead and take a picture," Navarro tells her before pointing out to her that she's video recording her and is well within her rights.

'Stop Harassing Her'

Navarro then tells the white woman to stop harassing the poor mother when she replies saying that the mother doesn't belong to this country. The white woman is then put in her place when she is told by Navarro that this isn't her country as well.

"Go back to Europe. That's where you're from. Trying to come to my f*cking country and act like you own shit," she says to the white woman before the video ends with her saying, "You're just about to go viral, lady!"

Watch the full video below: