A man from Toronto went into a fit of rage at a local pizzeria and damaged the pizza display because a fellow customer did not wear a mask, according to a viral video. However, the man in question did not appear to wear his mask properly during the fallout.

The video, originally posted on Reddit, showed the man losing his cool after approaching another customer who did not wear a mask at a restaurant chain named Pizza Pizza. The customer could be seen pushing the man away. The man then shouts saying: "What the f**k! You assaulted me! Call 9-11!"

Toronto pizza assault video
A man lost his cool after a fellow customer did not wear a mask at a pizza shop in Toronto. Reddit

The man, who remains unidentified, kept screaming and shoved the glass display of pizzas making it drop to the ground and the sound of shattered glass can be heard in the video. The customer without a mask takes his order and leaves the place without engaging in an argument with the man. "Do not give him his food!," the man proceeded to tell the restaurant employees, adding: "You shouldn't have done that! He assaulted me!"

Wearing The Mask Incorrectly Himself

Toronto has made wearing of masks in public mandatory due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Netizens on Reddit and Twitter were quick to point out the irony that the man who created the ruckus had pulled his mask down to the chin leaving his mouth and nose open.

"And he's screaming at the top of his lungs, flinging his spit everywhere. The suit was definitely creating a bigger hazard for covid than the other guy was," one Reddit user wrote. Another user contemplated whether the incident was to make the people wearing masks look bad.

"My guess is it's someone against masks trying to make people who wear masks look bad, even it out as it were," the user stated. However, some users also stated that the man could be facing mental health problems that led to the outburst.

Resistance to Wearing Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic has witnessed several people urging others to wear a mask in public to stay safe from the highly-infectious disease. However, there has been a section of people who have been rooting against wearing a mask asserting that it was unlawful and breached their rights.

Recently, a 54-year-old woman in New Jersey was pushed to the ground by another woman for asking the latter to wear her mask properly. The victim, who had a liver transplant about four months ago, suffered a broken tibia from the assault. In another incident, a California couple threw coffee over a man because he did not wear a mask and later played the victim card to the police.