'Racist' King Charles III Caught Snubbing Black Man While Greeting Crowd, Avoids Handshake in Viral Video

King Charles III was dubbed as racist after a video showing him repeatedly snubbing a black man's handshake outside Buckingham Palace surfaced on social media. The newly appointed king was seen greeting crowds of mourners lined on the roads following Queen Elizabeth's death.

The video, which clocked millions of views within hours of being uploaded, left many social media users fuming with anger.

King Charles III
King Charles III AFP

New King Deliberately Snubbed Black Man?

The video shows the new British Monarch greeting and shaking hands with mourners lined on the road outside the Buckingham Palace. Dressed in dark Navy Blue suit, the monarch smiles and shakes hand with the people. The moment he comes across a black man, King Charles moves his hands away and goes on to greet the next white person standing in the queue.

According to Marca, following Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey, where the Duchess revealed that a Royal had commented on the complexion of their unborn first child, many people had speculated it to be King Charles.

The outlet further reported that Christopher Andersen's book Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan identified the source of the racial remark. Charles asked his wife what she expected the child of Harry and Markle to look like. Camilla said, "Gorgeous, of course." Still, Charles clarified that he wasn't talking about beauty when he asked, adding: "I mean, what do you think the complexion of their children will be like?", as per the outlet.

Social Media Reacts to the Viral Video

The video which was uploaded a day ago has clocked 5 million views with few hours. Social media users have lashed out at the new British Monarch for his actions.

"King Charles III is quite the actor with looking away then resuming handshakes after skipping the black man. Racist!!!" tweeted a user.

"King Charles III can stop this nasty, insane and racist attacks on his mix race daughter in law Meghan Markle. Would he stop it IF she was WHITE???" wrote another.

"There is no respect in that country. He still remains the son of King Charles the III. But the King needs to put a stop to the malicious and racist stance they have with Meghan Markle, the mother of his other 2 grandchildren. Lilibet and Archie," read another tweet.