Indian Student Shares Intimate Bathing Videos of More Than 60 Women With 'Shimla Boy'; Speculations of Attempted Suicides After Videos Surface (Video)

A student was arrested after she allegedly leaked the intimate bathing videos of nearly 60 women students residing in a hostel of a private university in the Indian state of Punjab. The alleged accused was confronted by the victims after the leaked video surfaced online.

Videos Were Shared With a Man in Neighboring State

The incident, which took place in the Chandigarh University, a private university located in Mohali, Punjab, caused widespread unrest in the city on Saturday night. A subsequent video of the accused woman being confronted by the victims and hostel warden has also surfaced on social media.

The video shows the woman admitting having clicked the videos and sharing it with her Shimla-based friend. However, the authorities have neither released the name of both the accused.

In another video, the girl is also seen showing the victims the photograph of the man who asked her to share the objectionable video. Even though the identity remains unverified, the picture of the man surfaced on social media.

Speculations of Multiple Suicides Surface on Social Media

A large protest was organized by the students demanding justice.

Soon the social media was rife with reports of 6-8 victims committing suicide after their intimate videos went viral.

However, debunking the rumors, Mohali police chief Vivek Soni said no deaths or suicide attempts have been reported. "One student who was taken in an ambulance was suffering from anxiety and our team is in contact with her," he said according to Indian news site NDTV.

Soni also claimed that so far in the investigation, they have found out that there is only one video of the accused herself. "She has not recorded any other video of anyone else. Electronic devices and mobile phones have been taken into custody and will be sent for forensic examination," Soni added.

This article was first published on September 18, 2022