Racist Black Man Fat Shames Hispanic Woman, Berates Her at NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal [VIDEO]

A black man was filmed hurling insults at a Hispanic woman calling her a "monkey" and a "fat latina" at NYC's Port Authority Bus Terminal.

A video of a racist African-American man berating a Latina woman at New York City's Port Authority bus station is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip was shared by Twitter user Chanel who claims the harassment was unprovoked. "This man came up behind me and randomly started to harass me while I walked through Port Authority with my friends," she tweeted before adding that the man fat shamed her and called her a monkey. "I kept my cool until I couldn't no longer. I'm so angry. We were minding our business."

Chanel also pointed out that at first she and her friend thought the man was talking to someone on the phone so they kept walking towards the exit but he approached them and started insulting her, prompting her to pull out her phone and start recording.

'You Fat, You Stink and You Ugly'

Black Man Harasses Hispanic Woman
A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media. Twitter

The clip starts off with the man walking up to Chanel flashing a wad of $100 bills in his hand. "You fat, you stink, and you ugly," the man can be heard saying repeatedly before adding that she's "broke" and refers to her as a "monkey."

The man then says something in Spanish before telling Chanel she's in his country. "You can't live in your own country. You're a monkey in your own country," the man says.

"I'm not even white," Chanel responds. "You're a fat ugly Spanish," the man snaps back. "What do you think you don't look Spanish?"

The man then reiterates that Chanel is "fat," "ugly" and "broke" while she maintains her calm and replies with "okay."

'You Need to Kill Yourself'

The man then shows his wad of cash to the camera while bragging about how rich he is and that he slept with a white woman in France last night.

"I don't give a f*ck," Chanel tells the man, who continues his rant against Chanel. "Shut up with your ugly ass. What do you think you're doing in my country? You need to kill yourself!"

The video ends with Chanel losing her temper and snapping back at the man. Watch the full video below: