'Racist' Biden Offends Hispanics by Saying 'Latinx' Avoiding Vaccines for Fear of Deportation

US President Joe Biden was branded 'racist' after he claimed that 'Latinx people' were refusing vaccination for the fear of deportation. Biden also stated that African Americans are used to be being experimented on.

Biden made the controversial comments in a speech during a tour of mobile vaccine unit in North Carolina. Soon after the term 'Latinx' was one of the top trending topics on the social media platforms.

Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden Twitter

Biden Says Black Americans and Hispanic Americans Avoid Getting Vaccinated

Biden was speaking about the reason being black Americans being reluctant about getting vaccinated. "There's a reason why it was harder to get African Americans-initially- to get vaccinated, because they're used to being experimented on,' he said. 'Tuskegee airmen and others, people have long memories."

Further, the US President spoke about the American Hispanics avoiding vaccination because of their fear of getting deported. "It's awful hard as well to get Latinx vaccinated, Why? They're worried they'll be vaccinated and deported," he said.

Urging people to get vaccinated as threat of COVID-19 Delta variant looms over the south and western parts of the country, Biden said that it is the greatest threat against the fight to beat COVID-19. "The best way to protect yourself against the virus and its variants, is to be fully vaccinated. The data couldn't be clear, if you're vaccinated, you're safe. Just do it," said the US President.

Social Media Reacts to 'Latinx'

Soon after the clips of Biden's speech surfaced on social media, netizens were left offended by the use of term Latinx by the US President.

"Only 3 [percent] of Hispanics use the term 'Latinx' and 76 [percent] have never heard of it. It's a term woke White people have imposed on them against their will which is racist," tweeted former George W. Bush's speechwriter Marc Thiessen. He also presented an August 2020 Pew Research Center poll.

"It does not occur to Joe Biden that tens of millions of Latinos are American citizens," tweeted former Trump 2020 campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh.

"What is Latinx??? I would appreciate you stop calling us that. It's offensive. I'm a #Latino and my wife is a #Latina. Somos #Latinos. Please get that straight!" wrote a Twitter user.