Queen of Tears Spoilers: Will Yoon Eun Sung Help Baek Hyeon Woo - Hong Hae In Couple to Get Closer?

Queen of Tears featured a change in the relationship between Baek Hyeon Woo and Hong Hae In couple after the arrival of Yoon Eun Sung. The viewers are curious to know if the classmate of Hae In will help the onscreen couple to get closer. After the premiere, the production team released a new poster teasing complications in the relationship between these three characters.

The poster previews the complicated relationship between the trip. It shows Hyeon Woo and Hae In sitting side by side at a table while Eun Sung observes them quietly. The female lead raised curiosity by wearing a mixed gaze with an interest and wariness about the situation. Meanwhile, Hyeon Woo expressed his discomfort in the presence of Eun Sung.

The third episode of Queen of Tears will air on tvN on Saturday (March 16) at 9:10 pm KST. It will feature the onscreen couple sharing a bed. In the newly released stills, Hyeon Woo will get into the bed with Hae In. The female lead starts feeling confused and surprised after watching her husband. Hyeon Woo will also feel uncomfortable because of his jealousy after seeing his wife freely interacting with her schoolmate.

Queen Of Tears
Queen Of Tears poster. Twitter/tvN

Netizens' Reactions

Wow, Soo Hyun is handsome. I watched Ep. 1-2. He is Bravo and Good Luck to Ep. 3.

I watched two episodes on Netflix. I cannot wait to see how the story unfolds.

Can you upload one episode of the drama per day? Or at least give us a different teaser every next episode every day.

Why does this week feel so long? Saturday, please come faster.

So can I remove Thursday-Friday already so the weekend can come?

Queen Of Tears
Queen Of Tears poster. Twitter/tvN

Queen Of Tears Episode 3 Preview

A teaser video for this week features a flashback scene between Baek Hyeon Woo and Hong Hae In couple. The special pre-release video focuses on a heart-fluttering scene between the onscreen couple before marriage. It shows how much they loved and cared for each other before marriage.

"How could you torture us with this cute scene? But release two episodes each. We desperately can't wait for the next episode," a follower of the K-drama tweeted after watching the clip.