Queen Of Tears Episode 1 (Premiere) Recap, Review, Reactions; Episode 2 Spoilers

Queen Of Tears episode 1 aired on tvN on Saturday (March 9) at 9:10 pm KST. It introduced Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won as Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In -- a married couple in crisis. People in Korea watched the premiere episode on TV or streamed it on various online streaming platforms, including TVING.

K-drama fans from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Mexico, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, China, Japan, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore, Turkey, and South Africa, watched the mini-series with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Netflix.

The first episode of Queen Of Tears teased the beginning of a new journey for Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In. When the story began, Hyun Woo wanted to call it quits with Hae In. He asked his friends to help him with the divorce case. The male lead also discussed the matter with his parents and siblings. Although Hyun Woo did not receive the support he expected from his family and friends, he was determined to get it done.

Hyun Woo met Hae In towards the end of the episode to tell her about a mutual divorce. Before he could say anything, his wife shared a sad news with him. The female lead said she was dying and had only three months left. Her words made him tear up and forget everything about divorce. He hugged her and confessed his love.

Queen Of Tears
Queen Of Tears poster. Twitter/tvN

Queen Of Tears Episode 1 Reviews and Reactions

I can't even begin to explain how much I love this show already because how is it only episode one, and they are serving angst like this? I'm telling you they're on the god-tier level it's that serious.

Appreciation post for Kim Jiwon's acting here. The way she reacts to everything he's saying. Her eyes and that moment where she's affected by his words and is about to respond. Clear but perfectly subtle. Standout actress.

This is so funny cos they are currently in the stage where they hate each other in their marriage. But that is not stopping them from being possessive of each other. The moment someone else breathes her husband or his wife, their claws come out.

The opening credit. I can't go to sleep without talking about it. It shows how different they are from each other since birth. But love comes to them. So when Hyunwoo goes to the Haein's frame tells you what love can do.

I've needed such a female character in recent months, and finally!! Kim Jiwon is stunning as always.

First off... I can't believe Kim Jiwon has managed to impress/shock me again and again. She is just phenomenal. She truly breathes life and all its complexities into Hong Haein. The confidence, ambition, fear, nonchalance, love... we can feel all of it.

It's all fun and games until they show this epilogue. This is making me emotional. They were so happy and confident they'd stay in love, but after three years, everything changed.

I think #QueenOfTears is both a cautionary tale and a love letter. Not necessarily between two people in love and considering marriage, but people in general. So much can change in such a short time, and the future is never guaranteed.

Hae In iconic entry through chopper & the way Hyun Woo ran towards her, hugged & closed his eyes..They're serving visuals, cinematography & peak romance at its finest.

Queen Of Tears
Queen Of Tears poster. Twitter/tvN

Queen Of Tears Episode 2 Spoilers

The preview teases troubled moments for Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In. Park Sung Hoon will appear as Hae In's schoolmate, Yoon Eun Sung, in the second episode. The meeting between former classmates at a glamorous party will create turbulence in the relationship between the onscreen couple.

The newly released stills show Hyun Woo struggling to hide his jealousy after seeing his wife engaging in a friendly conversation with her former classmate. The photos show Hyun Woo struggling to maintain his polite smile while interacting with Eun Sung. Watch Queen of Tears episode 2 to know what lies ahead for this awkward trio.