Daughter of Putin Ally Killed in Car Bomb Blast in Moscow; Footage Shows Darya Dugina's Car Engulfed in Flames (WATCH)

Daughter of the man dubbed Russian President Vladimir Putin's brain was killed near Moscow on Saturday. Darya Dugina, daughter of Putin ally Alexander Dugin died in a bomb blast near the Russian capital.

Her car was engulfed in flames after a bomb went off. Reports claimed that it was an assassination plot for Dugin as he was scheduled to travel with his daughter in the same car. But at the last moment, Dugin was shifted to another vehicle.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, which was blown up, belonged to Dugin.

Darya Dugina car exploded on a highway
Darya Dugina car exploded on a highway near Moscow Twitter

Darya Dugina's Car Exploded

Darya Dugina, 29, had been driving for about 10 minutes after leaving the "Tradition" music and literature festival when her car exploded. Moments after the explosion, Alexander Dugin arrived at the scene, according to the New York Post.

Sanctions were imposed against Darya as his father Dugin is believed to be close to the Russian President and dubbed Putin's brain. The incident is believed to have taken place on a highway near the village of Bolshiye Vyazyomy just outside Moscow.

Darya Dugina
Darya Dugina Twitter

Ukraine Is Behind The Explosion

Russia appointed head of the Donbas region Denis Pushilin claimed that Ukraine is behind the bomb explosion. "The terrorists of the Ukrainian regime, trying to eliminate Alexander Dugin, blew up his daughter... In a car. Blessed memory of Daria, she is a real Russian girl!," he wrote on Telegram.

Dugin is Dubbed As Putin's Brain

Dugin has no formal role in the Russian government but the far-Right occult writer used to edit the staunchly pro-Putin Tsargrad TV network. He is also regarded as the Russian warmonger's 'guru advisor' and reportedly exerts heavy influence over him, according to Daily Mail.

He encouraged the use of the term Novorossiya, which means new Russia. Putin used the term in 2014 to justify the Crimea annexation.

Dugin Claimed Not Invading Ukraine Would Be A Danger For Eurasia

He has also argued expansionist approach for Russia and in his 1997 book Foundations of Geopolitics, he advocated for Russian rule 'from Dublin to Vladivostok.

Dugin used to claim that not capturing Ukraine would be a danger for Eurasia. In 2015, the US imposed sanctions against him as reports claimed that Dugin was recruiting fighters for Russia-backed forces in Ukraine.

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This article was first published on August 21, 2022