Putin's Top Official Approaches CIA To End Ukraine War; Russian Govt in Panic Due to Heavy-Hitting Sanctions, Fighting Near Nuke Plant

Russia's top officials have approached the West to help end the Ukraine war, according to a report. A top Kremlin official expressed that the Russian government is in a panic over the worsening economy following the imposition of sanctions. The official underlined that the establishment is eager to end the Ukraine war, which has resulted in the death of tens of thousands of Russian soldiers.

Astonishing claims about the move were made in a report circulated to Western intelligence agencies. It is believed senior officers and officials close to Putin are alarmed by biting Western sanctions and the failing economy caused by war, according to Mirror.

Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin Twitter

Russia Worried About Fighting Near Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

Some officials are also worried about the fighting near Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine as they fear any terrifying nuclear accidents can take place.

The report has also claimed that Moscow made this approach to America's secret agency Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Russian Official Approached CIA To End Ukraine War

The leaked situation report which is accessed by Mirror is now considered seriously by intelligence agencies.

"A representative of Putin's inner circle sent a signal to the West about the desire to negotiate. The mood of the Kremlin elite is panic," read the document.

The amazing claims go on to label the unnamed Kremlin insider as "one of the pillars of the regime", according to the report

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian intelligence agency has pointed out that "if someone close to Putin has made overtures already it would not come as a surprise."

It came as Russian occupiers hit the Saltivka neighborhood of Kharkiv; five people are injured, two of whom are in serious condition, and one person was treated on the spot.

"Attack on the Saltivka neighborhood. Two injured. Once again near a public transport stop," wrote Serhii Bolvinov, head of the investigative department of the National Police of Ukraine in Kharkiv Oblast on Facebook.

Terekhov subsequently reported that a nine-story building took damage in the same Saltivka neighborhood. The roof was hit, initially without casualties. A garage complex is on fire, according to Ukrainian Pravda.

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