Russian Secret Agents Refuse to Work in Occupied Areas in Ukraine Despite Getting Eight Times Their Normal Salary - Report

Russian secret agents have refused to work in the occupied areas in Ukraine despite being offered eight times their normal salary, according to a report. An insider claimed that agents are terrified over their deployment in the occupied region. To avoid deployment, many agents are providing certificates by doctors that state that they are medically unfit for the role.

Some of the agents have even refused six-seven times their salary for the deployment, claimed the FSB insider. With the current situation, it appears that Russia faces a lack of secret agents in the occupied areas. Moscow has now been forced to recall retirees, who are rarely accepting the proposal to rejoin the service.

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Russia Urgently Needs Intelligence Operatives In Ukraine

The insider has revealed that Moscow urgently needs intelligence operatives in the occupied region to maintain to bolster its rule in Kherson, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Lushank and other areas.

But FSB agents are avoiding the postings, obtaining medical certificates from complaint doctors for themselves or family members, reports Telegram forum 'We Can Explain'. Putin's 'siloviki' secret services chiefs are even trying to woo back retired or fired agents for war zone roles, according to Daily Mail.

Fired Agents Are Now Being Called Back

The development suggests the lack of loyalty to Putin in all ranks of operatives. It also shows that agents are reluctant towards their posting in the war zone.

The posting issues have forced Kremlin to recruit prisoners for the frontline deployment.

Russia Offers £5,000 a Month For Intelligence Operatives In Occupied Areas

Even fired agents are now been searched to offer them new roles in the occupied region.

But former agents aren't showing their interest in the new roles, the FSB source told the Telegram channel elaborating that only three in 200 retired agents are considering the proposal.

For the officers' position in the occupied zone, the secret agent is offering £5,000 a month, which is eight times higher than normal pay, according to the Insider.

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