Purple light in Philipines' sky trigger weather control conspiracy theory

purple lights
YouTube Screenshot: .ashley.vlogs

A woman from the Philippines has apparently shot a video showing purple beams of light breaking through the clouds and conspiracy theorists soon came to the conclusion that it is a proof of the secret weather control program carried out by government agencies in all across the world.

The six-minute video clip was originally shot on February 11, 2018, but it gained popularity recently after many conspiracy theory channels shared the footage. The video which was uploaded to the YouTube channel 'Ashley Vlogs' reveals that the eerie incident took place near the airport in Pasay City. In the video, the bright purple light could be seen in the cloud for some time but suddenly it disappeared.

The video is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. Many people who watched the clip strongly argue that the secret weather control program named HAARP is going on in full swing all across the globe and they claim that the recent anomalies in the sky are the result of these secret projects.

However, alien enthusiasts argue that the purple beam of light may be emitted from an alien spaceship cloaking under the clouds. As per these theorists, aliens have been visiting earth for thousands of years and they are continuously monitoring human activities. Some theorists claim that aliens are preparing for a disclosure and this is the reason why US President Donald Trump has recently ordered the military to start a space force.

In May, a gigantic mysterious square cloud was spotted in Canada and conspiracy theorists connected this incident too with the secret weather control program. The video was apparently shot in Alberta and it shows a weird mammoth cloud which is too large that stretches for miles, and interestingly, the shape of this cloud seems a perfectly cut square.

As this video went viral, many people blamed the government for messing up with nature, and they assured that the square cloud is actually a manmade one.

This article was first published on June 23, 2018
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