Mysterious square cloud spotted in Canada, triggers fear over weather control

Mysterious square cloud
Mysterious square cloud YouTube grab

A new video apparently shot in Alberta, Canada has made many think that intentional weather control by government is real. The bizarre clip shows a large that stretches for miles, and interestingly, the shape of this cloud seems to be a perfectly cut square. The video also features bizarre pink color in the sky.

The video of the bizarre sighting was later shared to conspiracy theory channel 'MrMBB333', and it has racked up more than 90,000 views within 48 hours.

People who watched the video strongly believe that this sighting is a proof of secret weather control manipulation programs run by the government like HAARP. Many conspiracy theorists claim that governments have been controlling the weather for many years for malicious intentions. They also argue that chemtrails are being spread in the sky to hide the activities happening in the skies.

"Looks like a grand deception is being prepared. Looks man-made in regards to the shapes that are absolutely not something nature would come up with, the angles give it away. Man messing with nature, bad combo if you ask me., not nature. Heads up," commented a YouTube user named 'Watch and Pray'.

"Square clouds = frequency modulation (geo engineering). They can move those squares with the sun or where ever they want 'em.The magenta color could be a Stellar Core (the fading out could be because it does not have fusion in its atmosphere, but temporarily does begin to generate light because of photons from the sun it absorbs when it comes close enough to the sun)," commented DG deVreugda, another YouTube user.

Another section of conspiracy theorists believes that this square cloud might be hiding an alien UFO from outer space. According to these theorists, the government might be working hands-in-glove with the aliens, and they might have created this square cloud to hide the alien UFO from the eyes of general public.

However, skeptics claim that square clouds have nothing to do with weather control. According to these skeptics, square clouds are a natural phenomenon, though it happens very rarely.

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