Purple beam and UFOs in Phoenix skies spark speculation of Nibiru

Purple Beam
YouTube: Earthly Patriot

An eerie footage has emerged online featuring a purple beam of light coming from the skies of Arizona as unidentified flying objects are seen hovering around. The video is uploaded online by a YouTube channel named 'Earthly Patriot'.

The video, apparently recorded at 22:40 Hrs on April 11, 2018, shows a purple light striking the ground from the skies. At the same time, a UFO emerges in the scene hovering above a mountain.

The latter part of the clip reveals few more unidentified flying objects (UFOs) hovering in the skies.

As the video went viral online, many people connected the purple lights with aliens, claiming that the extraterrestrials are monitoring humans. Some of them assured that aliens are getting ready for the disclosure in the near future.

A YouTube user named Rebecca Mondorf commented that it could be the Planet X alias Nibiru system which caused this weird phenomenon in the skies.

"I'm not an expert by any means but it's the Planet X system that's being captured. There are supposedly seven planets and a brown dwarf star plus many moons in this system. It follows a sling shot orbit that brings it into our solar system once every 3600 years or so and it's returning now. The Annunaki inhabit the planet Nibiru which has its own light source from within, since the sun, Nemesis doesn't provide enough light. Really interesting stuff," commented Rebecca.

On the other hand, a section of conspiracy theorists believes that these lights are actually a part of High-Frequency Active Auroral Research (HAARP), the government's secret weather control experiment.

"The purple beams may very well be part of the HAARP or Blue Beam Projects, which have the capacity to project all kinds of images on the skies, create insanely loud sounds etc--all of which are so enormous that they can be seen/heard over a very large area. Columns of light in various colors have been recorded all over the world, and could be part of that--or not. In any case, I do NOT believe any of this is actually for the good of humanity or the planet," commented Dolphin Dream, another YouTube commentator.

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