Triangular UFO spotted in California - Is it secretive TR3B or alien vessel?

An artist impression of US AF's anti-gravitational aircraft TR3B or Black Triangles aircraft (SkeezerPumba/Creative Commons) SkeezerPumba/Creative Commons

A new image apparently captured in the skies of Simi Valley, California is now baffling UFO experts all around the world. The image was taken by a man who was trying to get the picture of the moon, as earth's natural satellite appeared to be very large that night. When he succeeded in capturing a good first picture, he clicked three images more. When he closely checked the third one, he was shocked to see a triangular UFO above the moon.

Close analysis of the image reveals that the triangular object is moving across the skies at a very low speed, and no lights were turned on in this space vehicle.

The image was later shared on YouTube by conspiracy theory channel 'Secureteam10'. In the video, Tyler Glockner, the owner of the conspiracy theory channel called this triangular object ''otherworldly'', and added that it might be the proof of alien existence. He also suggested that the unidentified flying object in the image could also be the TR3B, the alleged anti-gravity military vessel operated by the US Air Force.

According to conspiracy theorists, the TR3B aircraft also known as Black Triangles are developed by the Aurora Aircraft development program initiated by the United States Air Force. Many Black Triangle sightings have taken place in the 20th and 21st century all around the United States, but neither Pentagon nor the USAF has admitted that these alleged anti-gravity military vessels are real.

The video uploaded by Secureteam10 soon has gone viral and soon attracted more than 190,000 views. After watching the video, many people have come up with some weird and possible theories to explain the bizarre sighting.

"I am ex Military/intelligence. This craft is an 'X47B Pegasus'. This special drone can do a whole mission WITHOUT any human contact @ ALL. It can even land on an aircraft carrier alone! Unbelievable folks, first of its kind. This craft has cameras on the top and becomes invisible (not stealth). 100% invisible, because the bottom is an LED layer and blends into any weather conditions," commented a YouTube user going by the name, 'Reality Not Fiction'.

However, skeptics claim that the anomaly in the photo might have been due to damaged lens in the camera.