Alien shockproof: Top researcher spots alien like ship in NASA image

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'Streetcap1', a YouTube channel which is in the forefront pointing out anomalies in the lunar surface has once again figured out a strange thing in a lunar photo, reportedly captured by NASA's Lunar Orbiter 3 spacecraft. In a video uploaded on YouTube, Streetcap1 points out a suspicious object inside a crater, possibly a saucer-shaped spacecraft.

"If you look at the dark area and what's around it, you have a definition that is quite saucer-shaped. It looks like there are windows and the smooth edge of the bottom. You have the aft of the machine," said Streetcap1 in the video.

As the image of the spacecraft in the lunar surface went viral on the internet, several people who watched the video came out with various possible explanations.

A YouTube user named Marcel blamed NASA for covering up alien existence on the moon and added that the space agency will never give explanations for these sightings.

"The shape of the object does not match any debris that you would expect to see at the bottom of a large crater such as the one shown. The world really needs some billionaire to launch a public lunar orbiter, with modern imaging hardware, and downlinks not controlled by governments/agencies which are funded by governments," commented Silverbackplays, another YouTube user.

It should be noted that these images released by Streetcap1 are not new, as the celebrated Lunar Orbiter 3 mission by NASA came to an end on October 09, 1967. The mission was launched on February 05, 1967, and the main aim of the launch was to photograph several areas of the lunar surface to confirm some safe landing sites for the Appollo and Surveyor missions.

This is not the first time that Streetcap1 is spotting anomalies on photos taken from the moon by various space agencies. Previously, the conspiracy theorist has spotted two UFOs in images taken by China's lunar probe Chang'e 3.

The brain behind Streetcap1 is George Graham, a Scottish UFO researcher, who has been studying about lunar surface for many years, and spotted various anomalies which he said indicate that NASA's moon landing was a hoax.

Graham has put forward, what he claimed as proofs to indicate that the entire lunar mission by NASA was carried out in a Hollywood movie set. NASA has never reacted to the allegations made by George Graham.

This article was first published on April 19, 2018
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