PUBG Mobile's new anti-cheating system to detect cheaters in real time and ban them

PUBG Mobile's new anti-cheat system will use software detection, observation techniques and player reporting to ban cheaters in real-time.

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Cheaters are a menace to any video game and PUBG Mobile is no exception but developers of the online multiplayer battle royale title are taking additional steps to make sure players who use cheats or hacks to gain an advantage in PUBG mobile are caught and punished. The game already has a system in place to deal with hackers and cheaters. However, this hasn't necessarily stopped players from finding ways to continue cheating. To combat this, Tencent and PUBG Corp have announced an upgraded anti-cheat system with new detection software.

Additionally, the new system will monitor players and their in-game behaviour to identify cheaters using "a massive and ever-expanding library to cross-reference when detecting suspicious software". The company will use in-game observation techniques to identify players using unfair means to defeat the opposition. PUBG Mobile's security team will also employ the same method to watch over players who have already been reported through the game's system.

Developers can efficiently monitor gameplay to tell the difference between players using unfair software or their own skill to play the game, while taking into consideration things like unusual in-game occurrences due to lag or packet loss. Tencent has promised fans that it is doing everything in its power to identify cheaters and is constantly evolving its anti-cheating system to keep up with new cheating software.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update
PUBG Mobile is set to roll out the much awaited 0.15.0 update on Wednesday, Oct. 16. PUBG Mobile

The company also pointed out that if required, cheaters will receive bans in real-time in order to ensure a cheat-free gaming experience, which means wrongdoers will be removed in the middle of a game if they're caught cheating or using hacks. Earlier this month, Tencent Games announced that it will impose a 10-year ban on players who are caught using unfair practices in-game.

We have always strived to deliver a gaming environment that is fair and enjoyable for each and every player and prevent cheating," the developer said in its statement.. "We take this issue very seriously; as such, each account in violation has received a 10-year ban. We would like to remind all players about the importance of fair play and thank you for keeping PUBG MOBILE fair and fun."

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