After more than two weeks of restrictions, the PS3 4.82 update can now be downloaded and installed for Homebrew without the console reverting back to the official firmware by Sony Electronics. Just recently, Homebrew has been made compatible with PS3 4.82.

PS3 4.83 for Homebrew enables modifiers to install custom ROMs and firmware files onto a PlayStation 3 console running the latest firmware 4.82. However, not all models of PlayStation 3 are compatible with the release of the said tool.

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Homebrew can only support PlayStation 3 models released before 2011 which have factory firmware 3.56 and below. The 2011 versions of the console used 3.60 as the default version.

PlayStation 3 Super Slim models are also out of the loop this time. Developers will put out a warning sign for incompatible devices as they may brick the device.

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Despite that, the team is now working on an alternative to support PS3 models. Called Homebrew ENable (HEN), which will allow a lot of benefits that come along with the custom firmware, such as the limitations of device memory.

To know more about PS3 4.82 for Homebrew, you can visit this link.