Despite the imminent risks in online shopping, sharing of online purchases and e-payment transactions may soon go public. Samsung Electronics joins the frey to enable sharing Samsung Pay proceedings.

Samsung has designed a new feature for Samsung Pay that will allow users to view a list of all their transactions in the past and share them to social media and other platforms. The patent of the said feature called Samsung Pay Story has been spotted by SamMobile on KIPRIS' database on Wednesday, November 29.

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As described by the South Korean tech giant, Samsung Pay Story is a "system for sharing buying experiences." The feature is said to come out as part of an update for the mobile wallet in hopes to strengthen its presence through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms.

In the payment documentation, Samsung will run a "Pay Story with Celebrities" campaign to encourage users to get their hands on the new feature. Social media influencers will also be able to share details of their purchases with a snapshot and rating.

As to the question of security and privacy, Samsung has said that users will have a complete control which details to share. SamMobile believes Samsung is gunning "to turn Pay Story into a social network of sorts."