Proof of parallel universe? Nazi coin from 2039 sparks bizarre theory

Nazi 2039 coin
video grab of a Nazi 2039 coin (Youtube) Youtube

A YouTube video uploaded by conspiracy theory channel 'The Hidden Underbelly 2.0' has claimed that a Nazi coin apparently from 2039 has been discovered by a man named Diego Aviles. According to the video, the coin was discovered by Aviles from a construction site, and at the bottom of the coin, the year 2039 was imprinted.

Just above the imprinted year is Reichsadler Nazi Party symbol, along with the words, 'Nueva Alemania' which translates to 'New Germany'. The flip side of the coin features the writing 'Alies in einer nation' which means all in one nation, Daily Star reports.

As the new video has gone viral on the Internet, many conspiracy theorists have claimed that this future Nazi coin is a solid proof of the existence of a parallel universe. Another section of conspiracy theorists argued that Germany will be a key player in the World War III which is almost unfolding in Syria. They also added that Nazis who are living secretly in Antarctica will join Germany in the war helping them to triumph in World War III.

"It seems that at the end of WW2 a bunch of Nazis fled to the eternal ice and took the saucer technology with them. They are aware of the prophecies, are preparing for WW3 and have played numerous times a cat and mouse game with the US and Russian army, ufology is full of these cases," wrote Paul ter Haar, a YouTube user.

"Germany will be the center of the upcoming WW3, the prophecy is that the Nazis from Antarctica will intervene at the height of this war and will liberate Germany and the rest of the world from the antisocial tyrants that rule our current world. Than there will be 1000 years of peace on the planet," he said.

Another YouTube user Somme Bomb has asked whether this coin is from a parallel universe of an altered timeline.

This is not the first time that speculations regarding parallel universe and time travel of Nazis are surfacing online. Previously, several conspiracy theorists have claimed that Adolf Hitler has not committed suicide, instead, he has escaped to a different timeline using a 'Bell' time travel machine.