Conspiracy theorists claim Vladimir Putin is a time traveller: They have pictures to prove it

Vladimir Putin

Time travel is a concept which has been baffling theoretical physicists for ages, and until now, no scientist was able to prove that this concept is not a mere fiction. However, experts believe that time travel will be possible one day when man learns to travel above the speed of light. But conspiracy theorists are not ready to believe this, and they claim that humans have mastered the technique of time travel long ago. Now, a section of conspiracy theorists has alleged that reigning Russian president Vladimir Putin is a time traveller who is immortal.

Photos are the evidence

To substantiate this theory, conspiracy theorists use images of two men taken in 1920 and 1941 who look astonishingly similar to slightly younger versions of Putin. As the images have striking similarities with the 65-year-old president, people who believe in time travel strongly believe that Vladimir Putin is immortal, and he has travelled across time for Russia's wellbeing.

Interestingly, both the photos who share similarities with the face of Putin are of Russian soldiers. However, Putin was born on October 07, 1952, and there are no chances of him travelling to the past without mastering time travel.

Is Putin a mythical creature?

Conspiracy theorists in Russia strongly believe that Putin is a mythical creature who is immortal, and he has been residing on the planet at least for a thousand years. A couple of years back, a Ukranian magazine had connected the blood lineage of Putin to Prince Vlad III, better known as Dracula among the general public.

"What archetype best fits Vladimir Putin's personality, his behavior, his dark spirit? I came to the conclusion that Putin is possessed by the archetype of a vampire. He is bloodthirsty, sinister, and lives outside the boundaries of ethics and morality. Just as vampires are unable to see their physical reflection, Putin lacks the ability to grasp his own existential depravity," wrote Masha Gessen in the book "The Man without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin" which was published in 2012.

Even though adamant conspiracy theorists believe the time travelling capability of Putin, experts have not commented anything on this, as they strongly know the impossibility of traveling above the speed of light.