Will England make it big in the upcoming FIFA World Cup? Check what time traveller says


It was long back in 1966 that England won the FIFA football world cup defeating West Germany. Since then, the team has not succeeded in winning the title, and now, they are standing in the 16th spot in the FIFA rankings. But now, Alexander Smith, an alleged time traveller has asked fans of the team to stay optimistic ahead of the upcoming world cup which will be played in Russia this year.

Time traveler opens up about England's chances

In an exclusive interview given to Daily Star, the alleged time traveller who claimed to have travelled 100 years into the future said that English football fans may have something to cheer in the future.

"I am unsure whether England will win the World Cup, as I did not see anything regarding sports in the future, but then again I saw a very limited part of the world. It is entirely possible that football still exists in 2118 and it's entirely possible that England will win the World Cup again," told Alexander to Daily Star.

It was an interview with Apex TV which shot Alexander Smith to the limelight. The man, during the interview, claimed that he was part of a secret project carried out by the CIA, and has travelled 100 years into the future.

After returning to his rightful time, he is now reportedly exposing the secrets which he knows about the future. He has even made it clear that there are possibilities of a third world war in the next century.

Will England play the upcoming world cup?

Even though, the time traveller has claimed that England will make it big in the upcoming world cup, the diplomatic crisis between the United Kingdom and Russia has diminished the chances of the country playing the world cup. If England decides to boycott the tournament, the team may most likely miss the 2022 world cup too.

Problems between the United Kingdom and Russia was elevated in the wake of an attempted murder by poisoning of a former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury. Soon, researchers at Porton Down, the secretive military facility in the United Kingdom found that the murder attempt was using a nerve agent, and they even hinted a Russian angle behind the homicidal try.

As tensions between the countries escalated, Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May revealed that neither the ministers in her cabinet, nor the members of the British royal family will attend the tournament.

This article was first published on March 20, 2018