Professional footballer shares UFO video on Twitter, clip goes viral

Legendary Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona had recently claimed that he was once abducted by aliens in a UFO

Simon Church, a professional footballer who is the former striker of Plymouth Argyle has recently shared a video of a strange flying object hovering in the night skies. In his recent Twitter post, Church revealed that he spotted this UFO while looking at Venus in the skies.

Mysterious video shared by Simon Church

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Church revealed that the UFO was flying at a very high altitude, and assured that no drones can fly at such a height. In the video, we can see a bright blob hovering in the skies, and in the final moments of the clip, it can be seen mysteriously vanishing.

"Just seen the craziest thing whilst having a look at Venus tonight. It was way too high to be a drone and then just disappeared," wrote Church.

As the video went viral, most of his followers assured that this bright object could be most probably an alien spaceship from deep space. As per these alien enthusiasts, extraterrestrials have been visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years to monitor human activities.

However, skeptics assured that the bizarre object spotted by Simon Church could be most probably the International Space Station that is currently orbiting the earth.

Diego Maradona's alien encounter

A few months back, legendary Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona had outlandishly claimed that he was once abducted by a group of aliens in a UFO. The former footballer also added that he went missing for nearly three days after the abduction.

"Why make things up ah? Once after a few too many drinks, I went missing from home for three days. They took me, I cannot tell you about it," said Maradona. As Maradona's claims went viral, many people argued that the former footballer might be in a high due to heavy alcohol intake while making these remarks.