Pro-Palestine Protesters, With One Carrying Swastika, March Toward Rockefeller Center in an Attempt to Disrupt Christmas Tree Lighting [WATCH]

Several protesters were seen being taken into custody, although the specific charges they may have faced remain unclear.

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in the vicinity of Rockefeller Center on Wednesday, clashing with NYPD officers and chanting "river to the sea," a phrase often viewed as having antisemitic connotations, in an attempt to disrupt the annual tree lighting event in a show of solidarity with Gaza.

WCBS-TV reporter Ali Bauman shared pictures of the protest on social media, showing one protester holding a sign featuring a large swastika. The demonstrators had earlier announced plans to "flood the tree lighting for Gaza" before the 91st annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting, which began at 8 pm and is set to conclude with the tree lighting shortly before 10 pm.

Chaos at Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center protest
Pro-Palestinian protesters seen on streets near the Rockefeller Center on Wednesday ahead of the Christmas tree lighting X

Brandishing Palestinian flags and displaying signs advocating for the "end to genocide," the demonstrators assembled along Sixth Avenue, joining numerous tourists awaiting the iconic Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Unable to reach the NYC Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, the sizable crowd instead congregated around the tree outside the News Corp building. Notably, this location has been previously targeted by pro-Palestinian protesters on at least two occasions.

Rockefeller Center protest
Pro-Palestinian protesters seen clashing with NYPD near Rockefeller Center X

"Free free Palestine!" the protesters chanted.

One demonstrator was seen climbing on top of the pillar displaying the building's address, while another was seen carrying a large sign featuring a swastika and drawing a comparison between the Israel Defense Forces and German Nazis.

NYPD officers consistently pushed back against the crowds, with protesters pushing back in return and derogatorily referring to the police as "f–king Nazis." The demonstrators sought to topple the barricades set up by the police to separate them from the crowds attending the Christmas tree lighting.

The NYPD had ordered a heightened security presence in anticipation of the planned protest, emphasizing the need for "elevated vigilance" during this year's Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Pro-Palestinian organizers had previously announced their plans to disrupt the festivities, coinciding with the UN-recognized International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

As tensions escalated, additional NYPD units were reportedly called in, and law enforcement sources informed The Post that officers were facing attacks from the crowd.

"They should have shut it down. They lost control of the street. I was shoved, punched, kicked. It's bullsh–t," one cop caught in the fray said.

Another called it "complete chaos."

Several Arrests Made

Several protesters were seen being taken into custody, although the specific charges they may have faced remain unclear.

Rockefeller Center
One of the protesters seen displaying a Swastika symbol during the demonstration near Rockefeller Center X

Thousands of tourists, compelled to share the space with the boisterous demonstration, frequently expressed disapproval towards the protesters for obstructing the traditional and festive atmosphere.

Jamie Fry, a 42-year-old visitor from the United Kingdom who came to witness the tree-lighting event, described the protest as "very annoying."

"I had planned my holiday around this event, being a big fan of Christmas. Now I'm walled in by a bunch of terrorist-loving a–holes calling for intifada," Fry told The New York Post.

The Rockefeller protest comes closely on the heels of pro-Palestinian demonstrators disrupting the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, where some people even glued themselves to the ground, resulting in at least 34 arrests for disorderly conduct.

The iconic Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, a 12-ton, 80-foot-tall Norway spruce from upstate New York, will be adorned with over 50,000 multicolored lights during the lighting ceremony.

The tree, illuminated by about five miles of LED string lights and crowned with a 900-pound star adorned with 3 million crystals, is a focal point for large crowds of spectators gathering for the cherished holiday tradition.

Rockefeller Center
Several protesters were arrested during the demonstration near Rockefeller Center X

The ceremony in Manhattan is set to feature performances by notable artists such as Cher, Barry Manilow, and Kelly Clarkson, along with a presentation by the Radio City Rockettes.

Originating in the 1930s, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree tradition has attracted thousands of visitors to the city each year during the holiday season.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree will be illuminated daily from 5 am to midnight until January 13, with continuous lighting on Christmas day.

Police have issued warnings about the potential for protesters to disrupt the event, given recent gatherings in New York involving activists focusing on the Israel-Hamas conflict.