'Privileged' Jennifer Gates Gets COVID-19 Vaccine by Jumping the Line? Wild Claims Surface on Social Media

Conspiracy theorists are claiming that Jennifer Gates, daughter of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, jumped the line to receive her first dose of COVID-19 vaccine because of her privileged life. The wild claims came after Jennifer posted about being vaccinated on her Instagram page.

Taking a dig at the conspiracy theorists, Jennifer said that she did not implant her genius father into her brain following the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. However, the joke backfired after several questioned how she could receive the vaccine whether she jumped the line to receive the vaccine.

Jennifer Gates
Jennifer Gates, daughter of Microsoft co-funder Bill Gates. Twitter

Jennifer Claims to be Beyond Privilege to Receive Vaccine

The Microsoft cofounder was embroiled in several conspiracies pertaining to the COVID-19 vaccine. One of the popular one suggested that Gates was using the vaccine to implant a microchip in the recipients.

Laying the rumours to rest, Jennifer posted a picture on her Instagram page post her first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. A second-year medical student at New York's Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Jennifer wrote that she is beyond privileged to receive the first dose of mRNA.

"As a medical student and aspiring physician, I am grateful it will give me protection and safety for my future practice," Jennifer wrote in her post on Friday.

Urging people to get immunized against the global pandemic, Jennifer wrote, that "the more people who get immunized, the safer our communities are for everyone."

In the post the billionaire's daughter stated that she would still be wearing mask post her second dose of vaccine. Taking a jibe at the conspiracy theorists, Jennifer wrote, "Sadly the vaccine did NOT implant my genius father into my brain - if only mRNA had that power."

Social Media Claims Jennifer Gates' Jumped the Vax Line

Following the roll out of the vaccine in the US, front line health workers and medical professionals were the first ones to receive the vaccine. Since January, the medical students and staff have also been given a go ahead to receive the Covid-19 vaccines.

Despite Jennifer being a medical student eligible to receive the vaccine, several social media users raised questions about the same. "Why is healthy 24-year-old Jennifer Gates jumping the line to get the vaccination when older at-risk Americans can't get an appointment? You may not have inherited your father's genius as you claim, but you certainly have his sense of entitlement," tweeted a user.

"How is it that Jennifer Gates, oldest daughter of Microsoft founder, billionaire Bill Gates, has received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, while millions are still waiting? Oh well, I guess wealth really does have it's privileges," read another tweet.

There were several others who also took a dig at Jennifer's post on Instagram. "Jennifer Gates, Bill's daughter, received a COVID-19 vaccine shot. She claimed it didn't come with a microchip. But that's exactly what someone who had been microchipped would say," wrote a Twitter user.