Dazhariaa Quint Noyes Dies by Suicide After Shadow Ban on Tiktok?

TikTok star Dazhariaa Quint Noyes, known as bxbygirldee, died by suicide. In her final video posted on Instagram story, before she died by hanging, she wrote that it was her last post. Noyes' parents confirmed the news of her death on social media.

The 18-year-old internet celebrity had 1.5 million followers on TikTok and had more than 110,000 followers on her Instagram handle. Noyes also posted vlogs on her YouTube channel.

TikTok star Dazhariaa Quint Noyes
TikTok star Dazhariaa Quint Noyes

Bxbygirldee Spoke About Being Shadow Banned on TikTok

Confirming Noyes' death, her father Raheem Alla posted a shared a montage of their photographs on Tiktok. "I just want to thank everyone for their love and support of my daughter. Unfortunately, she is no longer with us and has gone to a better place," he wrote.

The Daily Mail reported that on Monday, Noyes had posted videos to her Instagram story which she tagged as her last post. The TikTok star was seen singing and dancing before writing, 'Ok, I know I'm annoying y'all, this is my last post,' the outlet reported.

The outlet also claimed that in a TikTok post made on Monday Noyes' warned that she is being shadow banned and will be posting from another account. She also posted some videos on the second account, which had over 70,000 followers.

'I wasn't prepared in no way, to bury my child'

Alla also created a GoFundMe page for his daughter where he wished that Noyes should have spoken to him before taking the extreme step. "I only wish she would have spoken to me about her stress and the thoughts of suicide,' he said.

"I only want to hold you again my little jellybean. Now I come home and your no longer gonna be there waiting for me. I have to let you fly with the angels. She was my little best friend and I wasn't prepared in no way, to bury my child. She was so happy and would be so excited to see me when I come home from being on the road," added the grieving father.

Noyes' mother too paid tributes to her daughter stating that she was heartbroken and was 'waiting on you to say it was a prank but it's not'.