Premier League Player Arrested for Raping a Woman While on Holiday; Speculations on Social Media Regarding Player's Identity

A premier League star was arrested after a woman accused him of physical assault including rape during a holiday in June. The player was arrested at 3. AM from an address in Barnet, North London.

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Victim Fled From the Hotel After Getting Raped

The Sun reported that the football star, whose identity was not released owing to legal reasons, was accused of raping the victim while both of them were holidaying in the Med.

Revealing that the handcuffed player was taken into custody and questioned for over 15-hours by the investigators, the outlet reported that was due to fly out on a pre-season tour with his club and is set to participate in the World Cup in Qatar.

It was also reported that following the incident, the victim ran away from the five-star property to be with her family. She gave a detailed statement to the police on Sunday evening. The outlet further claimed that the victim showed photographs showing the bruising on her body. The pictures were taken after the alleged sexual assault.

Speaking to the outlet, Scotland Yard said: "An allegation of rape of a woman in her 20s was reported to police. It was reported the alleged rape happened in June. A man was arrested at an address in London on suspicion of rape and taken into custody where he remains. Inquiries into the circumstances are ongoing."

Speculations on Social Media Starts

Speaking to the outlet, sources said that the arrest has shocked many in the player's club. "The allegations are of the utmost seriousness. Club bosses are stunned about this. The player was due to be on a pre-season tour. He will now not be travelling with the side. The law must be allowed to dictate what happens next. The player's colleagues are absolutely dumbstruck about this. It is a hammer blow to the club, but the police must do their job," said the insider.

Even though the identity of the player was not revealed, speculations went rife on social media.

"29 year old Premier League footballer (guessing Arsenal or Spurs player), arrested in Barnet on charges of rape," tweeted a user.

"Premier league footballer who lives in Barnet? I'm sensing it's one of the north london clubs. I doubt it's a Chelsea player but I'll be very shocked if it is," wrote another.

"So a 29 year old Premier League footballer was arrested in Barnet on suspicion of rape and all I can see is Spurs and Arsenal fans naming 29 year olds in the other ones squad. Very strange behaviour using things like that as a way to try and point score against their rivals," wrote another.