Pokemon GO Generation 2 update
Pokemon GO holiday event offers better chance to catch new-gen Pokemon

Niantic Labs, the game developer of popular augmented-reality game 'Pokemon GO' has just confirmed the launch of a new limited-time holiday event on the morning of Christmas Day. The event is expected to go live on 25 December and continue its run until the afternoon of 3 January.

According to a recent press release by Niantic, the Pokemon GO trainers are likely to get a better chance to catch the new-gen aka Gen 2 Pokemon that were added recently. Some of them include Togepi, Pichu, festive Pikachu and others.

Here are the excerpts from Niantic's recent press release about the arrival of new-gen Pokemon:

"[Players have] a greater chance of finding eggs that hatch Togepi, Pichu, and several other recently found Pokémon, originally discovered in the Johto region."

Niantic adds that trainers will be able to use a single-use Incubator every day that the event is running, after the first spin of a PokéStop's photo disc.

That's good news, especially for players with an Apple Watch, who will get an added bonus when they visit a PokéStop during the holiday event."