Pokemon GO: Famous spawning nests and locations to catch rarest Pokemon in India

Here's the known list of famous spawning nests and locations for rare Pokemon in India.

Pokemon GO December update
Pokemon GO: Famous spawning nests and locations to catch rarest Pokemon in India

Pokemon GO developer Niantic has just released the smash-hit augmented reality game in association with Reliance Jio in India, while avid Indian Pokemon fans are already buzzing with news of best places to catch rarest Pokemon in the sub-continent. As Niantic has officially launched the game in India, it has consequently lifted the geo-blocks across all available pokestops and Pokemon spawning nests across the country.

IBTimes SG explores some of the most common places being discussed on Reddit and other online forums for catching these elusive Pokemon.


Mumbai is one of the highly-favoured destinations to hunt for rare Pokemon. The places near Gateway of India and Marine drive are ear-marked for a bunch of lured pokestops, which are known to spawn a large number of Gyarados and other water pokemons.

Here are some other places in Mumbai that might interest you:

  • Shivaji Park – Abundant number of Ground and Grass Pokemons, especially high with Gastly type of Pokemon
  • Juhu Beach – Water Pokemons
  • Marine Drive – Water Pokemons like Gyarados
  • Malwani Church, Malad – Eevee nest
  • Gateway of India – It's a paradise for spawning a variety of rare Pokemon like Lapras, Porygon, Dratini, Golem, Electrobuzz, Blastoise and the commonly found Pikachu.
  • Upvan Lake in Thane – It is a known habitat for magikarp, wigglytuff, Aerodactyl, Dratini, Magmar, tons of Psyduck, Poyntas and other water Pokemon like Vaporeans.

New Delhi

Tons of Pokemon have been reportedly spotted around South West Delhi and South Delhi till date including the Dwarka Sector 16, JNU and IIT Delhi campus and India Gate, among others.

Dwarka Sec 16 GGSIPU campus – Tons of Pokemon like Jolteon, Vaperon, Charizard, Ghastly, Aabra, Kadabra, Alakzam and Blastoise are all found around the Lodhi Garden in New Delhi.

Keshavpuram Metro Station – Kabutops are found in abundance in this location.

JNU and IIT Delhi campus – Balbasur and Ivysaur are found around this place.

India Gate – Lickytongue, Omanyte, Milltank, Hitmonchan, Clefairy and Squirtle are found around the India Gate in New Delhi.

Najafgarh and Dwarka – These are known habitats for catching Pikachu, Drowsy, Seaking, Staryu, Clefairy (egg hatching), Kabutops, Kabut, Tentacool and Electrabuzz.

Taj Mahal, Agra – Abundant number of Gyrados and Magikarp are found here alongside some rare Pokemon as the place is brimming with pokestops and a couple of Gyms.

Mountains and Hill Stations

The mountain ranges and hill stations in North India are a treasure trove for Eevees and you will find tons of water Pokemon like Magikarp and Paras near water streams. You can spawn a whole family of Eevees comprising Jolten, Volpren and Flareon near places like Kasauli, Dehradun and Mussorie.


Vastrapur Lake and Sabarmati Ashram is known hunting grounds for Gyrados, Clefairy and Dragonite. You might also find other rare Pokemon in this area.


High density of Pokemon can be found in areas which are brimming with pokestops and luring grounds like Phoenix mall and Brigade Metropolis in Whitefield.

Sankey Tank is a known habitat for spawning Aerodactyl and water types like general Squirtle, Staryus Polywhirl and Dragonairs.

Tip#1: As Reliance Jio is the first official partner of Pokemon GO in India, all 3000 Jio stores and outlets across the country will be turned into gyms and pokestops soon. You should be heading to the nearest Ji store or outlet in your area if you want to find a pokestop or gym that's sponsored by Jio.

Tip#2: A sample of Jio sponsored pokestop would look like the one seen in the image posted here.