Pokemon GO code leak reveals new content for 12 December update

Freshly leaked game code hints at probable content for 12 December update

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO code leak reveals new content for 12 December update

Pokemon GO is expected to get some major updates from its developer Niantic Labs on 12 December, as veteran members of the Pokemon community have revealed the leaked game content for the upcoming Generation 2 (Gen 2) update for Nintendo's popular augmented-reality game.

IBTimes SG brings you the rundown of all the expected game content for the Pokemon GO Gen 2 release in the next few days:

  • Apart from the 100 new pocket monsters debuting with the new Pokemon GO update next week, some fresh details pertaining to the game's feature enhancements has been unearthed via the latest v0.49.1 update for Android.
  • The leaked game code unearthed via latest Pokemon GO APK file (Android) suggests that Niantic will add Male and Female genders to the monsters in the game.
  • The new colour code feature hints that some creatures will be available in shiny colour variants after the 12 December update.
  • New avatar customisation for players will also be on the cards as they will enjoy the privilege to change the avatar's hair colour, shirts, pants and other custom outfits.
  • Pokemons in the game might get to wear optional costumes in a holiday-themed event like Christmas.

It is not yet known if the developer intends to use these feature improvements and new items in the forthcoming Pokemon GO title update or just as placeholders for future game releases.