Pokéland: A new Pokémon game hitting smartphones soon

The Pokemon Company is releasing very soon its latest game called "Pokéland" for iOS and Android devices.

Just two weeks after Magikarp was released, The Pokémon Company is releasing another game that is bound for debut on iOS and Android devices. Pokéland is just one of the bunch of games the firm has planned to release on smartphones and tablets.

Pokéland has been deemed as a mini game of Pokémon Rumble for Wii, Wii U, and 3DS. Ambrella is the developer is the developer for both games. Pokéland is the fourth Pokémon game coming to iOS and Android after Pokémon GO, Pokémon Duel, and Magikarp Jump.

In the press statement of The Pokémon Company published on its website, it stresses out that Pokéland uses "simple and intuitive controls". This allows players to just tap when engaging in Pokémon fights. The gameplay at the core requires players to amass toy versions of their desired Pokémon creatures and bring them into battles on certain islands.

Pokéland is in the pipeline for iOS and Android. As of this time, the Kyoto firm is holding an alpha test on Android for the game in its home country. It is an online game which requires players to sign in using a Nintendo account. The game has six different islands to discover and 52 levels and a Champion Tower to reach. Meanwhile, players will have to find a total of 134 Pokémon creatures.

The Pokémon Company is looking for 10,000 Android device owners to join Pokéland's alpha test which will run until June 3. While there is no release date that has been dropped yet, Business Insider speculates that Pokéland will be hitting smartphones in the next few months. What is certain for now, the new game is downloadable for free.

Will Pokéland be a smash hit? That is hard to tell at the moment. According to Forbes, it could be while critics least expect it to be, just as no one expected Pokémon GO to rake in such phenomenal success.