Planned hoax or a real time traveler? Apex TV releases video featuring cyborg man from 2050

In the video, Orrin claims that he is a time traveler who visited the present to warn about an impending apocalypse

Time travel
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Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel Apex TV has been releasing videos featuring alleged time travelers for the past couple of years. Even though most of their videos seem too outlandish and bizarre, their clips featuring self-proclaimed time travelers used to garner a huge number of views on YouTube. Now, the YouTube channel has released a video featuring Orrin, who believes himself as a cyborg time traveler who reaches the present from the year 2050.

Who is Orrin, the self-proclaimed time traveler?

Orrin recently made headlines when he appeared in a US chat show that was anchored by Dr Phil. As expected, the bizarre claims of Orrin received negative reactions from Phil, and he was widely ridiculed throughout the talk. During the talk, Orrin even claimed that he has visited the present to warn humans regarding an impending apocalypse.

In the video, Dr Phil dismisses all the claims made by Orrin, and in one instance he showed five plastic bottles in the room of the self-proclaimed time traveler. After showing the bottles, Phil asks Orrin whether he knows about the dangers posed by plastic to the world. Phil also questions: ''How can a person who does not know about the dangers of plastic come to the present to save the earth's environment?"

In the recent clip released by Apex TV, Orrin argues that elites are trying to divide the world based on various factors like gender, caste, creed, and financial status. He added that humans are currently living in a matrix. Interestingly, throughout the video, he uses a robotic voice to prove that he is a cyborg.

Criticisms started pouring in

The video uploaded by Apex TV is now receiving mixed to negative responses from viewers of the channel. Many people who watched the video believe that Orrin is making these outlandish claims just for the sake of publicity.

"If he's warning about environmental disaster, then why does he have 2 plastic bottles in the background," commented Laura G, a YouTube user.

"We've all been knowing these matters, he needs to get a job move to help his mom out while living in her home. He needs to get/go outside, especially since he regards himself as a second party and treat his mental health," commented Priscilla Limon, another YouTuber.