Plane spotted chasing UFO at Oregon's sky in US [VIDEO]

UFO Oregon
YouTube Screenshot: mavi777

An eerie video which shows a military jet following an unidentified flying object (UFO) has become the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. The clip was apparently shot at Oregon in US by a man named Nick Wanko.

In the video reportedly filmed on July 15, when the military jet was seen chasing the strange UFO and after some time, the military aircraft lost the tracks. Nick said that "I was walking with my friend. I was never into UFO stuff but ever since strange experiences, I'm into it sort of, there is something out there."

After shooting the video, Nick Wanko uploaded the eerie sighting on YouTube. However, the clip gained popularity when it was shared by a conspiracy theory channel named 'mavi777'. As the video went viral on online spaces, viewers of 'mavi777' strongly argued that aliens are preparing for a disclosure and an invasion is imminent.

"First thumbs up. This is awesome footage. I have been taking pictures and video of ufo in my area and it looks the same as the one the plane as seeing," commented Lisa B, a YouTube user.

"Unbelievable footage brother. In my opinion, you upload the best UFO footage on the web. Great job Mavi... simply amazing stuff," commented Christos Kaloudis, another YouTuber.

The new footage has surfaced online just a few weeks after a UFO was seen transporting in a truck very near to Area 51. When that video went viral, many conspiracy theorists alleged that the US Air Force is conducting secret alien experiments in Area 51 military base. A section of other conspiracy theorists claimed that this UFO might be an alien spaceship abducted by the US army.

However, sceptics claimed that the UFO spotted in the truck was actually a movie prop designed to use in Hollywood movies.

This article was first published on July 18, 2018