Ghost hunter spotted UFO and black helicopters in Rome, video uploaded on YouTube

UFO Rome
YouTube Screenshot: Look Now TV

Popular ghost hunter Rick who runs the YouTube channel 'Look Now TV' has released an eerie video which showed that two UFO passed a plane window. As per Rick, the incident apparently happened above Europe when he was flying to Rome.

In the video, two flying objects can be seen speeding up through the skies and the shape of the objects literally do not resemble any known aircraft. The conspiracy theorist assured that the objects spotted in the skies are not made with computer graphics.

They also said clearly that these strange incidents are now quite common in the skies, indirectly hinting the presence of extraterrestrials or a secret military project. In the same video, Rick reveals that he has spotted black helicopters flying above Europe.

"I captured a possible UFO from a plane window! I also spotted Black Helicopters in Rome, Italy. A late night UFO hunt reveals two unknown objects in the night sky under the Milky Way. From UFO and Ghosthunting to exploring strange & mysterious phenomena. Once again I travel to locations around the world looking for strange & mysterious awesome things to capture on camera," wrote Rick on the video description.

The video uploaded by Rick is now receiving positive responses from all corners and many of his subscribers are quite convinced about the authenticity of the UFO sighting happened above the European skies.

"I'm only 3 minutes in and I'm convinced. wtf is that? Its exactly what it looks like. they always look so big in movies, like they could throw a shadow that covers whole cities but that is just Hollywood, they all lie about the size of things out there. There is only one explanation possible and its flying saucer from outer space," commented cult of Siddhartha, a YouTube user.

While Rene Cruz, another YouTuber commented that the type of UFO captured by Rick could be visible only through a camera lens, not with our naked eyes, some users argued that governments all around the world are aware of the alien existence and they blamed the authorities for covering up something sinister.

On last June, another UFO sighting was reported in Italy, and it has pulled alien enthusiasts to a state of frenzy. The clip captured then showed a bizarre pyramid-shaped flying aircraft hovering across the skies of Perugia, Italy. The video was soon submitted to MUFON, and they are currently investigating the sky event.

This article was first published on July 7, 2018