Pittys Token is a Potential Gem and Could Deliver Insane Gains, Predicts Influencer Sam Nevin

Pittys Token hit the indices on November 20, 2021 and delivered phenomenal results on the day of its launch. The token shot up +3,000% on day 1 making initial investors reap all the profits. A mere $1,000 investment in Pittys on the day of its launch turned to $30,000 in less than 24-hours.

Meme-currencies are all the rage in 2021 and cryptos such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Floki, Dogelon Mars, Saitama Inu and Kishu Inu gave stellar returns with profits of more than +1,000%. Investors who took an early entry position in these dog-themed coins saw their assets rise tenfold in less than a years time.

Pittys Coin Token NFT

New and first-time investors are flocking towards meme-tokens as its available for purchase at less than a Cent. They believe the coins are low-hanging fruit and could deliver the desired financial results in the coming years. Also, Bitcoin and Ethereum are unaffordable and out of reach, thus making meme-tokens to fill the void of the 'purchasing power gap'.

While all the meme-currencies headed north during its initial months, Pittys is still novice and could make investors sit on sacks of profits in the coming years. YouTuber and crypto analyst Sam Nevin, who goes by the name Omni Finance predicted in his video that Pittys has the capability to deliver ''insane gains'' and called the token a ''potential gem".

''Pittys is looking rather bullish and it has all the ingredients to see absolutely insane gains! Definitely a token to keep an eye on!'' he said on his YouTube channel.

Also, Pittys growth came to a halt during yesterday's market crash as the coin dipped -37.45% in the days trade. The crypto market experienced a sudden bloodbath after news of 'the Indian government plans to ban cryptocurrencies' spread all over social media.

Bitcoin plummeted to -15% within minutes and dragged the entire market down along with it. Nonetheless, the market is now in recovery mode and is sending mixed signals. The correction seems to be healthy and is a knee-jerk reaction to the unconfirmed news.

At the time of publishing, Pittys was trading at $0.00168046 and is down -37.45% in the days trade. The token has reached a market cap of $1.6 million in just four days after its launch. The number is expected to grow as the days pass and could propel its price to newer heights.