Pittys Token Spikes 3,000% on the Day of its Launch, Gives Investors Stellar Returns in 24 Hours

Pittys Token hit the indices today and gave phenomenal returns in less than 24-hours of its launch. The token spiked close to +3,000% within a day and settled itself at +1,500%. Several investors jumped in immediately after the token hit the indices and made good use of its price volatility.

A mere $1,000 invested during the first few hours of its launch would have turned to $30,000 during the days high.

Pittys Coin Token NFT
Twitter / Pittys Token NFT

The token is displaying bullish sentiments as it garnered 89% 'buy' orders and only 11% 'sell' orders. Attracting buying pressure can make the price propel to another new highs making investors tenfold profits.

Pittys isn't the first token to deliver phenomenal results on the day of its launch, a recently released Women Empowerment Token (WEMP) shot up +4,500% within three days of its launch and repeated the feat twice making early investors fistful of dollars. WEMP knocked out two 'zeroes' from its trade in less than a week trading in the market.

Pittys Token launch day price chart
Dextools / Pittys Token

Pittys Token gained limelight days ahead of its launch among the 'paw lovers' community as the coin promised to give back to the four-legged community. ''100% of these funds will be donated to National and Local Pitbull and Bully Dog Breed Rescues (in New York), read a statement on their website.

Many investors have recently turned their eye towards getting into projects on the very first day of its launch, as majority of the times, tokens spike tenfold in 24-hours. The money making opportunity is ripe on the first day as they have nothing to lose. However, only those who are well-versed with the crypto market are known to make such moves.

The official Twitter handle of Pittys Token revealed they have raised 23 Ethereum's worth donations to Pitbull charities that is at present worth $99,604. The numbers of ETH is expected to triple in a weeks time or less. ''We already raised 23 #ETH for our #Pitbull rescues,'' their tweet read.

Pittys website shows that their tokenomics would have a supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, of which 50% would be burned at launch. They also claim that a total tax of 10% would be levied to investors and 5% of the amount will be used for NYC based pet rescue.

At the time of publishing, Pittys Token was trading at $0.00214627 and is up +1,451.11% in the days trade.