Kishu Inu Donates Medicines, Food, Hygiene Products to Shelter Homes that Protects Dogs in Brazil

Kishu Inu crypto is supporting the 'man's best friend' with their charitable work and is aiming to protect the four-legged community all around the world, one at a time. At present, the Kishu Inu team has donated enough food, hygiene products and medicines that can last for an entire year to a renowned animal shelter in Brazil.

The charitable endeavors was donated by the Kishu Inu community in an effort to help all dogs lead a normal and healthy life. The supplies were donated to the Amigos Bichos GV animal shelter and the team posted a video of their charitable work on Instagram.

Kishu Inu Coin Token Cryptocurrency
Twitter / Kishu Inu

''A doggo gas to support its pack any way it can, which is exactly why we are continuing with the charitable endeavours, this time for our 4-legged friends! KISHU has donated enough food, hygiene products and medicine for an entire year to an animal shelter in Brazil,'' the post read.

Investors widely applauded the Kishu Inu team for their charitable gesture and the team is also looking at various other places to donate supplies that would benefit the four-legged community.

This is not the first that that the Kishu Inu Foundation has involved in charitable works. A few weeks ago, the team had donated school supplies and food to a school situated in Guine Bissau, a West African country. The foundation donated books, pencils, pencil boxes and also provided food to the pupils parents.

They shared a video on their Instagram handle showing school children being merry about the fact that they received all the supplies they needed to attend school.

The token stated that ''Helping the communities around us is core to our mission'' and would continued the good work in many more school in the coming next months.

Kishu Ini is slowly yet steadily making its name in the crypto market and a wider mainstream acceptance could make its price shoot skywards. The token was launched in April 2021 and reached an all time high (ATH) of $0.000000017547 on May 15. Just a week later the token faced bloodbath due to the Bitcoin crash.

KISHU is now -76.2% below its ATH and could take time to breach its previous glory. At the time of publishing, Kishu Inu was trading at $0.000000004221 and is down -6.6% in the days trade.

This article was first published on November 19, 2021