Picture of a doctor and 87-year-old Coronavirus patient enjoying sunset in Wuhan Hospital goes viral

Wuhan was the epicentre of the which has infected nearly 100,000 people globally and more than 3,300 deaths

Amidst the ongoing global battle against rising fatal coronavirus cases and deaths, a picture of an 87-year-old patient enjoying a sunset with a young doctor, identified as Dr Liu Kai, from Wuhan is winning the hearts all over the world.

Restoring the faith in humanity in the difficult times, the picture was posted by a Twitter user with the handle @chenchenzh, which soon went viral for all the right reasons. The global outbreak is nearing 100,000 and over 3,300 death in over 85 countries globally. The viral outbreak which was first reported in Wuhan, in China, in December last year, has baffled people around the world, even as scientists are racing against time to find its cure.

Not losing the humane touch in testing times

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87-year-old patient and doctor watch sunset outside a hospital in Wuhan. Twitter/chenchenzh

The picture that shows how people haven't lost touch with their humane side despite the deadly chaos around them, showed a young doctor Dr Liu Kai and his 87-year-old patient Mr Wang, outside the hospital enjoying a sunset in Wuhan. The doctor was seen covered head to toe in protective clothing, as the patient lay near him on a bed. However, it was not clear whether the patient was suffering from coronavirus or some other ailment.

Twitter user @chenchenzh who shared the picture on his handle said that the doctor was taking his patient for CT scan when he requested to watch the sunset. He wrote: "Wuhan Uni hospital. A twenty-something doctor from Shanghai was taking an 87-year-old patient who'd been hospitalised for a month to take a CT scan. He asked if he wanted to stop to watch the sunset. He said yes. They enjoyed the moment together," the caption read.

The young doctors call the moment 'memorable'

Soon, the picture was retweeted with several users commenting on the heart-warming picture. "Human kind is so beautiful," wrote a user while others said: "Fav pic of the day." In an interview with CGTN, Dr Liu Kai said that he wasn't aware that his picture will go viral. The picture was clicked by one of the nurses, after Dr Kai took the patient outdoors, the first time since he was admitted a month ago.

Dr Liu Kai told CGTN that he found it a 'memorable moment." "I and Mr. Wang will keep fighting the coronavirus side by side and embrace victory as soon as possible," he said.

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