Grey's Anatomy spoiler alert: Mystery behind Alex Karev's disappearance solved

Grey's Anatomy finally brought closure to one of its most loved character Dr. Alex Karev, the 'Evil Spawn. Thursday's episode was a farewell episode for Justin Chambers who played the character of the doctor with the golden heart.

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Chambers final episode was aired on November 14, 2019, following which he was shown missing without anyone, including his wife Jo, unaware about his whereabouts.

Izzie and Alex return to the show

In the latest episode on Thursday called 'Leave A Light On' not only the disappearance of Alex Karev was explained but also the fate of his first wife Izzie Stevens, played by Katherine Heigl, also revealed. Much to the delight of the couple's fans, they did make an appearance on the show, albeit in a written form through a letter.

Grey's Anatomy

Izzie, who was suffering from brain tumour, had abandoned Karev after getting married to him. Following her departure, Karev had met Jo, one of the interns with whom he got married to live happily ever after. At the time of Izzie's departure, almost 10 seasons ago, a lot of fans were left broken who wished Karev and Izzie to be together forever.

The four main characters of the show, Meredith, Jo, Bailey and Webber, receive a letter from Alex Karev. The letter revealed that Karev is back with his former lover and wife Izzie and the couple's five-year-old twin kids Eli and Alexis, at a farm in Kansas. According to ET, even though Alex Karev wasn't physically present on the show, he did a voiceover while reading his letters.

Alex Karev's emotional letter explains why he left them all

In the last episode, Jo had expressed her fears that Alex had left him as he wasn't responding to her calls or messages.

Justin Chambers

Alex's gut-wrenching letter to Jo begins with an apology. "I'm sorry. You deserve more than a letter. This cowardice, this letter, it's officially the worst thing I've ever done. But it's about me, Jo; it's not about you. It's not what you deserve. You deserve and have earned so much better than this," wrote Alex in his letter to Jo.

Stating that he loved the brilliance and bravery of Jo and how he became a better person with her, Alex speaks about Izzie and their children. "There was a part of me that always wondered, that always wanted to know, that always felt like we left things unresolved — unfinished. I reached out to Izzie and we started talking and it scared the crap out of me because it felt like no time had passed — like Izzie and I were kind of frozen together in time. And now, now we're not. Izzie was on a farm in Kansas, in this incredible place in the middle of nowhere,"

"Izzie had my kids, and I know you get what that really means. I know you of all people know why I can't just leave now," he wrote. "I have a chance to make this family whole, and I just hope you love me back enough to let me take it. I need to give these kids the family you and I never had," he said in the letter. Attached with the letter came a signed divorced paper for Jo. Alex also left Jo with his share in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

The show ends with Meredith's voiceover saying, "There really is no good way to say goodbye."

Alex Karev's departure receives mixed bag of emotions from fans

During an interview, on January 10 this year, Chambers had announced that he would be leaving the show after 15 years in order to pursue other acting opportunities as well as to focus on his family. However, Thursday's episode left some fans happy while several others heartbroken.

In a statement to Variety, show's screenwriter Krista Vernoff said: "It is nearly impossible to say goodbye to Alex Karev. That is as true for me and for all of the writers at 'Grey's Anatomy,' as it is for the fans. "We have loved writing Alex. And we have loved watching Justin Chambers' nuanced portrayal of him. For 16 seasons, 16 years, we have grown up alongside Alex Karev."

"We have been frustrated by his limitations and we have been inspired by his growth and we have come to love him deeply and to think of him as one of our very best friends. We will miss him terribly. And we will always be grateful for his impact, on our show, on our hearts, on our fans, on the world," she added.

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