Former Marine Turned NYPD Recruit Caught Having Sex in Academy's Bathroom; Gets Suspended Days Before Graduation

The New York Police Department suspended its two recruits who were caught having sex in the bathroom at their training academy in Queens. The recruits have been identified as Javon Latibeaudiere and Madelin Ramirez Solano.

Javon Latibeaudiere and Madelin Ramirez Solano.
The recruits have been identified as Javon Latibeaudiere and Madelin Ramirez Solano. Twitter

Couple Was in a Relationship

The New York Post reported that the randy couple was caught in the act by fellow recruits at the academy. The couple, who claimed to in relationship, reportedly joined the department in July. Both of them were assigned to the day tour, the outlet reported.

The outlet further revealed that Latibeaudiere, who is a former marine, hailed from Orange county. Earlier, during an interview with CBS New York while speaking about his shift to civil life, Latibeaudiere had said, "When you're in the military, they don't technically prepare you to leave the military. People don't have the right resume, they don't know how to translate what they learned in the military to real-life skills."

Following the recent debacle, while declining to speak to the Post he said, "I am not supposed to talk about it. I'm not supposed to talk to the press."

In a statement NYPD said that the two officers are suspended and the matter is under internal review. The duo was set to graduate on December 30, law enforcement sources revealed.

Social Media Reacts

The report invited a lot of reactions from social media users. "When you defund the police you get exactly what you pay for. And deserve," tweeted a user.

"Keep lowering the standards . This happened in the police academy ! Not in some vacant lot in the Bronx," tweeted another.

"I know they're human with weaknesses, but didn't they have a better place to fornicate? Rules were made to be followed and not the way around," expressed a user.

"It's sad that this is what the @NYPDnews has had to stoop? These two don't even have the common sense and the wherewithal to wait till they are off duty. You can now see this is in all walks of life as the standard has been lowered everywhere," opined one as another added, "They couldn't wait until they graduated."