FDA Study Links Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine with Blood Clotting? Panic on Social Media After New Report

Pharma giant Pfizer was trending on social media following an "FDA study" linking its Covid-19 vaccine with blood clotting in older individuals. The study titled 'Surveillance of COVID-19 vaccine safety among elderly persons aged 65 years and older' was published by the journal Vaccine, earlier this month.


What Does the Study Claim?

The study was jointly conducted by the researchers from US Food and Drug Administration, Acumen LLC, Department of Economics, Stanford University, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The Epoch Times reported that the from a database of elderly persons in the United States found that pulmonary embolism, blood clotting in the lungs, met the initial threshold for a statistical signal and continued meeting the criteria after a more in-depth evaluation.

Three other observations including a lack of oxygen to the heart, a blood platelet disorder called immune thrombocytopenia, and another type of clotting called intravascular coagulation, also raised red flags for the researchers, as per the outlet. The study included the subjects who received Covid-19 vaccine shots of Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson.

Speaking to the outlet, Dr. Peter McCullough, chief medical adviser for the Truth for Health Foundation, said that the new paper "corroborates the concerns of doctors that the large uptick in blood clots, progression of atherosclerotic heart disease, and blood disorders is independently associated with COVID-19 vaccination."

Report Sets Social-Media in Panic Mode

Soon after the report surfaced, it sent social media users in a panicked frenzy mode.

" I watched my Grandmother die of DVT, blood clots, and pulmonary embolism 8 days after her 2nd Pfizer shot. So, angry...I waited. Then I watched all my family members and friends have reactions after theirs or get COVID shortly after...WORSE than when they got COVID pre-jab," tweeted a user.

"The FDA has now admitted that Pfizer's Covid "Vaccine" causes blood clots - 2 years later! Who will be held accountable for all of those who have been impacted? Vaccine manufacturers can't currently be held liable! Does everybody see the problem now? Time to wake up!" read another tweet.

"After yelling to the rooftops that the data didn't make sense the FDA finally came out and said that Pfizer's Covid shot causes blood clots? Only 2 years late! not only should government officials be held to account, pharmaceutical companies and providers that allowed this," expressed a user.