Peru's alien mummies are not extraterrestrials, research proposes new theory

The alleged alien mummies discovered in Peru have been perplexing the scientific community for the last few years.

Speculations about these possibly alien creatures surfaced when farmers discovered corpses with three fingers and three toes in a cave in Nazca.

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Mystery unveiled

And now, a new study has suggested that these mysterious mummies may have earthly origins.

The study carried out by a group of researchers from the scientific institute St Aloysius Gonzaga National University in Ica, Peru, strongly believes that these specimens are similar to humans.

According to this research report, these alleged alien mummies are biological creatures.

The researchers from St Aloysius Gonzaga National University noted that these specimens do not have eyes and their heads are much larger than humans.

"Tomographic imaging analysis has shown that the specimen is a human-like body whose biological structures are similar to humans, but there are many differences such as lack of hair and ears, elongated skull and enlarged cranium which was found to be 30 percent larger than humans," said researchers in their report.

Are these alien mummies real or manmade?

A previous forensic research carried out in January this year had claimed that these figures are made up of paper, glue, metal and human and animal bones.

"The conclusion is simple, they are dolls assembled with modern synthetic glue from the bones of animals from this planet, so they were not made during pre-Hispanic times. They are not extraterrestrial, they are not aliens," said Flavio Estrada, a forensic archaeologist who led the analysis in January.

However, several conspiracy theorists strongly believe that these remnants discovered in Peru are solid evidence of alien existence.

According to these alien believers, governments are covering up the facts about extraterrestrials to prevent public panic.

More recently, Uri Geller, a famous British illusionist and self-styled psychic also claimed that alien existence on Earth is real.

According to Geller, aliens have helped build historic monuments, and they might even visit Earth to support Israel if the country faces backlash in the war against Hamas.