Hikers Spot 10ft Tall Aliens on Brazil Hilltop While on Family Trip as Footage Shows Creatures Surveying Landscape from Above [WATCH]

Brazil has a history of potential alien sightings, with a notable event being the Varginha UFO incident in 1996.

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A group of hikers having a family outing in Brazil recorded a video capturing two beings they claimed to be extraterrestrial creatures. Eyewitness Sara Dalete from Brasília spotted the peculiar figures while spending time with her family on Ilha do Mel. The spotting left the family awestruck as they claimed that the two creatures were aliens.

Video footage of the elongated figures, standing at a height of 10 feet, has gained widespread attention on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram and has since gone viral, once again raising several strange questions. The enigmatic figures were seen standing on a hilltop and Dalete said that it "wasn't possible to reach the top."

Aliens Spotted Again!

Brazil aliens
The two creatures spotted on a hilltop in Brazil that eyewitnesses claim to be aliens X

Dalete said that both the creatures exhibited rapid arm movements while consistently maintaining their position on the hilltop throughout the entire duration of the video. Brazil has a history of potential alien sightings, with a notable event being the Varginha UFO incident in 1996.

Nevertheless, the recent observation in Ilha do Mel marks the first reported suspected sighting of aliens in the history of the region.

Despite Dalete's confidence in her claim of spotting aliens, UFO expert Nick Pope remains unconvinced.

"This story – and the reaction to it – is truly bizarre," he told Metro on Tuesday, days after the claim of the alien sighting was made.

"There's no credible evidence that anything UFO or alien-related happened, or that this was anything other than the police responding to reports of youths fighting."

Although the video has since gone viral, several social media users, particularly on X, are not convinced that the figures in the video are aliens.

Instead, they speculate that the beings captured in the footage might be something else.

Social Media Divided in Opinion

Brazil aliens
The two figures spotted on a hilltop in Brazil were claimed to be 10-feet tall and were surveying the landscape X

Users on X believe that the creatures captured in the video are possibly "inflatable things" commonly found at car washes or people resembling hikers equipped with walking poles.

"When will anyone get close up, high def footage of aliens?? Probably a scarecrow," wrote Cameron Poole.

Some viewers expressed dissatisfaction with the "blurry" quality of the footage when watching videos of a potential alien sighting.

"Why whenever these videos get put out they look like they were filmed on a blackberry," wrote another X user.

This comes just a week after bizarre claims were made that aliens were spotted in Florida.

The speculation started after a video circulated on the internet, claiming to show a massive figure walking outside Bayside Marketplace, a downtown Miami shopping center. The footage showed numerous police cruisers with flashing lights surrounding the area, sparking rumors of extraterrestrial activity.

However, Miami police soon debunked the claims, stating definitively that there were no aliens, UFOs, or extraterrestrial beings involved.