Perfect Marriage Revenge Ending Explained, Episode 12 (Finale) Recap, Review

Perfect Marriage Revenge ending followed Han Yi Joo and Seo Do Guk as they worked hard for their happy ending. Episode 12 focussed on the various challenges they faced because of their family members. People in Korea watched the last episode on TV. International K-drama fans enjoyed the finale with subtitles on online streaming platforms, including Netflix.

The last episode of this revenge drama began with a shocking revelation. Seo Jung Wook lied about his physical inability. Byeon Jae Ho was the first person to find out about it. While checking the CCTV footage to get details on the female lead's abductor, Jae Ho saw a man walking out of Do Guk's house with Yo Joo. At first, he thought the abductor was not Jung Wook because he didn't have a limp.

Jae Ho was surprised to see Jung Wook remove his helmet and drive away. He helped Do Guk track the abductor and informed the police force about the abduction. Do Guk chased his stepbrother to rescue his wife. In the meantime, Yo Joo regained consciousness and tried to run away. But she failed in her mission.

The Big Sacrifice

When things went out of Jung Wook's hands, he tried to kill the onscreen couple. He stabbed Do Guk and tried to strangle Yo Joo. Before he could get rid of the two, the police came rushing for their rescue. The female lead realized that the mark on her wrist had disappeared. She checked her husband's hand and felt happy to see the date on his wrist disappear.

Perfect Marriage Revenge
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However, Do Guk was seriously hurt and was unconscious when the police force reached the spot. They immediately took him to the hospital for treatment. Since he got seriously injured, it took several months for him to regain consciousness. Yo Joo stayed by his side during this time and helped him recover.

Meanwhile, Jung Wook spent his days behind bars, resenting his father and other family members until his father made the big revelation. Seo Young Kyun told the truth about his ex-wife and Jung Wook's mother. He informed his elder son that his mother left him when he was a child. The shocking truth made Jung Wook weak. He did not have the strength to fight back.

The Happy Reunion

After getting discharged from the hospital, the onscreen couple registered their marriage and welcomed a baby girl. They stayed happy together while Han Yoo Ra went to Yu Se Hyeok's place to inform him that she was carrying his baby. She asked her to take responsibility.