Penthouse Star Park Eun Seok Habitually Abandons Pets? Here's What his Agency Says

Park Eun Seok, through his agency, has responded to the allegations of habitually abandoning his pets made by his college mate. It all started after he appeared on MBC's show I Live Alone which was aired on 22 January.

Park Eun Seok
Park Eun Seok. Park Eun Seok Instagram

I Live Alone Episode

The latest episode revealed that Park Eun Seok is living peacefully with his three-month-old golden retriever Molly and two cats at a two-story building. However, the netizens quickly questioned about the pets that he owned earlier.

The old pictures of his pets surfaced on social media and a person claiming to be his college mate at Seoul Institute of The Arts made allegations against him of abandoning his pets. The person claimed that the actor abandoned a beagle and brought a smaller dog in place of it as his then-girlfriend did not like it.

Many questioned Park Eun Seok about his earlier pets and wondered why those pets were not part of his episode in I Live Alone. However, his agency Hunus Entertainment has given a clarification over the allegations and to the questions raised by people.

Park Eun Seok and Agency's Clarification

In a press release, the agency has said that Pak Eun Seok has not abandoned any of his pets deliberately and accusations mounted against him are not true.

The toy poodle was Park Eun Seok's first dog that he raised together with his granny in Korea. After he left his grandmother's place, he started raising an old English sheepdog and two cats. "At the same time, he started living in the company provided dorms due to his difficult situation, and he was unable to raise his pets due to the dorm life.

As a result, he was heartbroken for the Old English Sheepdog as Park Eun Seok was unable to do anything for it, and wished for a better situation, but after careful consideration, he found [an owner] with a large backyard and left the dog with them. The cats faced a similar situation. At the time, an acquaintance who knew of Park Eun Seok's situation asked to raise the cats, and he sent the cats to them. Even today, he is checking in on the cats to see that they are raised well," Koreaboo quotes the agency as saying.

Later, the 36-year old left the company's dorms and shifted to a half-basement apartment, but due to space constraint issue and grandmother was old, the pet, which was with the granny, was sent to a female relative's house.

Park Eun Seok Loves Animals

The press release adds: "Park Eun Seok is an actor who loves animals more than anyone else. He knows he has to take responsibility to the end with his pets, but he is sorry that he was unable to keep his pets due to the unavoidable circumstances and situations. He still interacts with his acquaintances and relatives who are taking care of his older pets."

Reacting to the speculations spread by a person claiming to be his classmate, the agency said that the pets raised by the Penthouse actor were adopted by his acquaintances and family members due to unavoidable circumstances and it is unfortunate that people are sharing posts which are far from the truth.

The agency also warned people who are making baseless allegations against him that they will take legal action for spreading misinformation and slanderous stories against him.