'The Penthouse' Season 1 Ending: Did Yoon Hee Really Die? Season 2 Plot Spoiler, Insights into Cast

Season 1 of 'The Penthouse: War in Life' came to an end with massive ratings of 30 percent and a major shocking twist to the plot with Yoo Hee being stabbed.

The 21-episode season 1 of The Penthouse: War in Life came to an end with a massive nationwide rating of 28.8 percent and 30.5 percent for its first and second half, according to AGB Nielsen. The finale was aired on January 5. The first season of the The Penthouse ended with a shocking twist. In the final episode, Oh Yoon Hee [played by Eugene] was accused of killing former resident of penthouse, Su Ryeon [played by Lee Ji Ah]. The drama ended with Yoon Hee being stabbed.

It looks like the fans can't come to terms with the fact that Yoon Hee was stabbed and have started debating on the possibility of her death, online. Before being stabbed, Yoon Hee is seen confessing to the crime of killing Su Ryeon, whereas in reality she was killed by her husband Joo Dan Tae [played by Uhm Ki Joon] who had also killed Su Ryeon's first husband. Dan Tae had even switched Su Ryeon's baby from her first husband with an unhealthy baby that cannot be moved out of the hospital.

The Penthouse
The SBS drama "The Penthouse" is gearing up to air finale of Season 1. Instagram

Is Yoon Hee Really Dead?

In fact, the season 1 began with Su Ryeon coming face to face with the horrendous crimes committed by her husband Dan Tae. Su Ryeon also learns later that their twin children Seok Kyung and Seok Hun were also being misled by Dan Tae who had told the children that Su Ryeon was not their biological mother. What made Su Ryeon to decide on taking revenge on Dan Tae was the murder of her real daughter from her first husband Min Seol Ah's [played by Jo Soo Min]. She was pushed off of the garden from the 100-storied apartment of Hera Palace. Min Seol Ah was hired to teach the kids who lived in the Hera Palace.

Su Ryeon, with the help of Logan Lee aka Goo Ho Dong [played by Park Eun Seok], starts investigating into Min Seol Ah's murder. This makes residents of Hera Palace her enemies. Apart from Logan Lee, the only person Su Ryeon believes in is Yoon Hee. But at the end, she is betrayed by Yoon Hee, resulting in her death. Yoon Hee repents her mistake and wants to surrender, but is forced to act as per orders from Dan Tae.

Thus the only hope that truth will be revealed is shattered when Yoon Hee gets stabbed at the end of the season 1. Now Logan Lee is the only person who knows the complete truth. But will she be able to fight the greedy, powerful residents of Hera Palace? Is Yoon Hee really dead or will she survive to prove that truth prevails are the two major questions arising after the end of the first season of The Penthouse.

The Penthouse Season 2 Plot

The second season is likely to bring back Su Ryeon, who was killed by Dan Tae. But it will not be a rebirth kind of a story, but likely to revolve around the twin children, especially Seok Hun and Seok Kyung. The much needed twist to the season 2 may be the revelation of the face of Seok Hun and Seok Kyung's biological mother. With the hints gathered from season 1 and some revelations by Logan Lee it looks like the twins' mother is likely to be a lookalike of Su Ryeon.

As per the information available so far, season 2 of The Penthouse drama will have 12 episodes. Joo Dong Min will continue to direct the drama and Kim Soon Ok will write the screenplay. According to MyDramaList, Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yeon, Eugene, Uhm Ki Joon, Yoon Jong Hoon and Shin Eun Kyung are likely to return to the second season. With Eugene's name being mentioned, one can predict that it is not the end of Yoo Hee's character.

The Penthouse season 1 premiered on Oct. 26, 2020. The Monday-Tuesday drama had opened to a strong nationwide 9.1 percent. Its ratings recorded double digits since the airing of second episode and from the 17th episode onwards the drama has constantly amassed more than 20 percent ratings. The production has already confirmed two more seasons to The Penthouse. The second season is likely to begin from January 29.