'The Penthouse' Director Joo Dong Min Leaves SBS; Will 'Penthouse S3' Premiere on June 4?

SBS has assured that 'The Penthouse' Season 3 will air as scheduled. Watch out for special episode 'Hidden Room: The Beginning of the End' on June 2

In a surprising move, Joo Dong Min, director [PD] of one of the most successful dramas of 2020- 2021,The Penthouse, has left SBS. The news comes at a time when the drama is all set to premiere season 3 on June 4. Will his decision affect the schedule of the drama? Here is what we know so far.

According to reports, PD Joo Dong Min is not a part of SBS's subsidiary Studio S from May 31. The drama The Penthouse is being produced by Studio S. The reason behind the decision of the PD has not been revealed, but currently, the news has been confirmed by SBS. The channel also confirmed that episodes of The Penthouse will be aired as scheduled as PD Joo Dong Min is said to be working as an independent contractor.

The Penthouse
The SBS drama "The Penthouse" is gearing up to air Season 3. Instagram

"It is true that PD Joo Dong Min has left Studio S. He will continue to direct The Penthouse as a freelancer," stated SBS. Post Penthouse filming, Joo Dong Min was also supposed to direct the drama Where the Snake Sits [working title], based on a webtoon. The pre-production for the drama has already begun. But SBS said that they cannot confirm anything about it right now.

Joo Dong Man has been a part of SBS since 2004. He has directed dramas including SBS dramas Sunlight Pours Down, Birth Secret, Return, and The Last Empress. Even though it is not clear what will be the amount of participation of Joo Dong Min in directing the third series of The Penthouse, the drama is set to air at 10 PM KST on June 4.

The Penthouse Special Episode

Fans of The Penthouse can also look forward to a special episode of the drama titled Hidden Room: The Beginning of the End on June 2 on SBS. The special episode will star kids of the drama, Kim Hyun Soo, Kim Young Dae, Han Ji Hyun, Choi Ye Bin, and Lee Tae Bin. The three secretaries in the drama Kim Jae Hong, Kim Do Hyun, and Kim Dong Gyu will also be present. The show will be hosted by Jang Do Yeon and announcer Jo Jung Shik.

The special episode will have the cast giving organizing the stories of the first and second season in a nut shell. They will share interesting stories about casting and behind-the-scenes incidents. More interestingly, actors On Joo Wan, Park Ho San, and Ahn Yun Hong will reveal details about their mysterious characters in The Penthouse season 3. The audience will also get to watch never-before-seen clips from the third season.

This article was first published on June 1, 2021