'The Penthouse 3' Spoiler Alert: Kim So Yeon Spills Beans on Cheon Seo Jin, Her Comedy Timing

Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress winner Kim So Yeon of 'The Penthouse' fame has given insight into Cheon Seo Jin's role in season 3 of the drama.

Actress Kim So Yeon rose to fame playing the 'mean' character Cheon Seo Jin in the drama The Penthouse. Currently, the drama has completed two seasons and is gearing up for the premiere of season 3.

Kim So Yeon, who bagged the Best Actress honor in the recently held 57th Baeksang Arts Awards for her performance in The Penthouse 2, has spilled beans on her role as Cheon Seo Jin in the coming season of The Penthouse.

In an interview to the lifestyle YouTube channel Monotube, Kim So Yeon spoke on various issues including receiving the grand award and what to expect from Cheon Seo Jin in The Penthouse 3. The actress said that forget winning the award, she was shocked when nominations for Baeksang Arts Awards were announced. "I got so many texts yesterday... I can't believe I was nominated. My older sister texted me to say, 'How did this happen? How did you get nominated?" she said. The Penthouse 3 will premiere on June 4 at 10 PM KST.

Kim So Yeon
The Penthouse actress Kim So Yeon. Instagram

The Penthouse 3 Spoilers

Building the curiosity of the viewers, Kim Seo Yeon also played the guessing game in terms of story of The Penthouse 3. She gave a hint that perhaps Cheon Seo Jin will be released from prison earlier than she should be. "Wouldn't Cheon Seo Jin be released from prison early? Even though she shouldn't be? I think she might let go of everything, but hold on to the Cheong Ah Foundation no matter what," the actress said.

Elaborating on speculation about her on-screen daughter Ha Eun Byeol, she said that the rumors are baseless. "Where did Eun Byeol go? I saw some people speculating that Jin Boon Hong is Eun Byeol's birth mother. That's complete nonsense! It can't be true! Eun Byeol is my daughter!" But to know if this this reaction is just to increase people's curiosity about the birth secret, the audience will have to wait for The Penthouse 3 to premiere.

Another question the actress answered was chances of Cheon Seo Jin returning as an opera singer. "No, she [Cheon Seo Jin] yells way too much. She probably yelled all the time in prison, too. Her vocal cords can't possibly recover," said Kim So Yeon jokingly.

Speaking as Kim Seo Yeon, the actress hoped that Cheon So Yeon meets her end and said, "I hope she meets a dramatic downfall." She even joked about the possibility of Cheon Seo Jin posing glamorously for the cameras even while being arrested. [If such a situation arises] "I hope I put on the handcuffs myself, saying, 'I'll do it myself.' And pose like this for the photographers, saying, 'Don't blur out my face', said Kim So Yeon.

But explaining the worth of her character, Kim So Yeoon said, "Even though she's a villain, she's a character with an uncommon charm. So I hope that even if she meets her downfall, she'll do it in an entertaining way."

Giving a closure to her role, Kim So Yeon said, "For The Penthouse season 3, I want to set aside all my worries and concerns. I think to myself, 'In a few months, I won't be able to meet Cheon Seo Jin ever again.' So whatever happens, I want to do my best and enjoy filming Season 3."

Comedy Timing

Kim So Yeon also spoke of comedy timing and said, "I'm really invested when it comes to comedic acting. I love comedy so much, and I really want to do a sitcom."

She said that she was a part of a sitcom before but didn't go all the way. "If I did one now, I'd be able to be much funnier and really enjoy filming. I really want to try doing a sitcom. I think something keeps pulling me towards comedy," said the actress.

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