Did Kim So Yeon Deserve The Best Actress Honour at Baeksang Arts Awards? Here's What Netizens Say

Kim So Yeon has won the Best Actress Award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards 2021. She was honoured for her brilliant performance in drama The Penthouse: War in Life.

Kim So Yeon
Kim So Yeon. Twitter

Kim So Yeon's Acceptance Speech
In her acceptance speech, Kim So Yeon thanked the writer and director along with the entire cast and crew for this success. "Thank you very much. I don't know whether I deserve this award. First of all, I especially want to express my deepest gratitude to writer Kim Soon-ok who gifted me with a fun and exciting script, and director Joo Dong-min who helped me reach beyond my limits in every scene and to all our Penthouse staff, crew, and actors," she said.

She dedicated this award to her husband Lee Sang-woo. Kim So Yeon claims, "We're putting our all into filming Penthouse 3 right now. From Season 1 to Season 2, The Penthouse team has filmed every single scene with passion. I want to thank my CSJ team who were always there by my side to help me perform better and my fans, thank you so much. I would like to pass on this great honour to my love Lee Sang-woo and my beloved family."

The Penthouse first and second seasons were received extremely well by the viewers. Especially, her role of a wealthy woman with negative shade had impressed the audience.

The actress sported an all-black ball gown and became the cynosure of all eyes. Check out what netizens say over the actress winning the award:

mooyeye015: Kim So Yeon is a veteran deserving of every award for her performance in penthouse, we in no way call her undeserving or discredit her win, we will never stoop so low to do something so disrespectful that will invalidate her win, she is a woman we respect with all our heart.

Mother Nature Kim Hee Ae: YAAAH KIM SO YEON WON BEST ACTRESS AWARD!!! Been rooting for her since the announcement of nominees and finally she is now the winner! I'm just so happy for her. Well-deserve! Loudly crying face Clapping hands sign
#BaeksangAwards2021 #KimSoYeon #Penthouse

Mel Safety pin×Bomb: Super duper happy for her win Party popperPartying face kim so yeon deserves this sm. The piano scene was seriously the best the way she really learned how to play that piece OVER THE INTERNET?? FireRaised fist

PauMaple leaf: We are also happy cause she won, she deserves it cause her acting on penthouse is Superb. Every nominees are all deserving to win cause they all worked hard for it. We don't have time to hacked a wiki page, we will not stop that low.

kane_ hoshi: Kim so yeon absolutely deserve the award. She totally slay cheon seo jin character Smiling face with sunglassesSmiling face with sunglasses

Andrew Sparkles: So thankful Kim So Yeon won the award, can't imagine her in the dressing room slitting another girls throat again :)

Diamond Heart: Congrats Kim So Yeon for winning Best Actress! I can feel her nervousness as she was always looking down and being so overwhelmed at the gracious event. But still she's so grounded and humble. I'm so proud of her! Well deserved, Cheon Seo Jin! Clapping hands signBlack heart
So excited for The Penthouse S3

kdrapopthread Sparkles: And of course, Congrats to Kim So Yeon for winning Best Actress! (Penthouse TV Drama) This time, you really won fairely and squarely, I just hope you are safe and no one can steal your trophy. Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes I am still amazed by her character +++