'The Penthouse 3' to Officially Begin Filming, Here are the Spoilers, Streaming Details

'The Penthouse' season 3 is said to begin filming from April 27. The drama is expected to air from June.

One of the most successful dramas The Penthouse is all set to return for the third season. Reports claim that filming for the third season will officially begin on April 27. Thus, the cast and crew reunited after taking a three-week break at the script reading session held on April 22.

The Penthouse is a SBS drama which revolves around egoistic elite women residing in an apartment complex called The Penthouse. The plot focuses on the solidarity and pursuit of revenge among a group of women who can do anything to protect their children and their pride.

The Penthouse
The SBS drama "The Penthouse" is gearing up to air season 3. Instagram

Reports state that a source from the drama told SPOTV that the shooting of The Penthouse 3 will begin on April 27. The season two of the drama came to an end on April 2 after airing 13 episodes.

The Penthouse 3 Spoilers

The Penthouse 2 ended with Logan Lee (played by Park Eun Suk) getting into an fatal accident right in front of Shim Soo Ryeon's (played by Lee Ji Ah's). The last episode also gave an introduction to two new characters Joon Gi (On Joo Wan), who sat beside Logan Lee on the plane, and Yoo Dong Pil, Kang Ma Ri (Shin Eun Kyung)'s husband and Yoo Jenny's (Jin Ji Hee) father.

The third season is likely to be the last part of the drama, thus the storyline is expected to be much stronger and intense than that of first and second seasons. Season 1 ended with a question if Yoon Hee was really dead. Following the same pattern, the second season has ended with a question if Park Eun Suk playing Logan Lee in the drama is really dead.

Just like how Eugene who played Yoon Hee was found to be very much alive, audience is expecting to watch Park Eun Seok aka Logan Lee also in the next season. The Penthouse 3 is expected to premiere in June. As per cast, Kim So Yeon, Eugene, Lee Ji Ah will continue to play the lead roles.

Uhm Ki Joon, Yoon Jong Hoon, Shin Eun Kyung, Bong Tae Kyu, Yoon Joo Hee, Park Eun Seok, Ahn Yun Hong, Kim Dong Kyu, Kim Do Hyun, Kim Hyun Soo, Kim Young Dae, Jin Ji Hee, Lee Tae Vin and Han Ji Hyun will continue to play supporting roles in The Penthouse 3.